When it comes to environmental sustainability, being a good steward can be a win-win situation.

An industry that positions itself as a leader in eco-friendliness can also gain a strategic marketing advantage, given the increasing trend of conscientious consumerism.

For the BC wine industry, the Sustainable Winegrowing Program (SWP) is helping to gain this advantage.

The SWP represents an industry-wide commitment to improving the environmental performance of BC wine from vineyard to cellar.

By developing resources like sustainable practice guidebooks and self-assessments, the program is already helping vineyard owners reduce their ecological footprint and improve profits.

With help from IAF, the BC Wine Grape Council is now focusing its efforts on helping wineries by piloting the guidebook and assessment with industry members.

The Council is also working to make the program more accessible by offering on-line delivery of these resources. Using the on-line self-assessment, operators will be able to determine their current level of sustainability, identify areas that require improvement and develop an action plan.

Both the BC wine industry and wine enthusiasts can look forward to premium quality products that support environmental integrity – now that’s worth toasting!

Funding: $28,680 allocated through the former federal-provincial Safety Nets framework and the Agriculture Environment Wildlife Fund. (A0636)