Our Services

Delivering programs that serve the Agriculture and Agri-Food sector in BC

About IAF

The B.C. Investment Agriculture Foundation is an industry led, not for profit society that creates funding opportunities to support a thriving BC agriculture and agri-food sector through the effective delivery of programs.

With 25+ years of experience, we are recognized as the leading provider of high-quality and cost-effective program delivery services for the agriculture and agri-food sector in British Columbia. We have delivered over $200 million to industry on behalf of the federal and provincial governments.

What we do

We offer agile and efficient solutions to deliver programs and navigate change while never losing sight of the industry we serve.

Deliver Programs

Serve Industry

Align Needs

Deliver Success

Deliver Programs

Managing the vast diversity of the agriculture and agri-food sector in B.C. is challenging. We provide contextual knowledge and industry expertise that is focused on the client experience.

Serve Industry

Government Programs are intended to improve innovation in, and competitiveness of the sector. We help eligible members of industry to access these opportunities.

Align Needs

Government and Industry work in diverse spheres. We facilitate partnerships by aligning industry needs to public programs.

Deliver Success

With more than 20 years of experience in program delivery, IAF is trusted by both government and industry to effectively administer funding and strategically invest in projects that yield tangible impacts for our sector.

Going forward, IAF will create its own unique programs to further support the sector. In partnership with members and other stakeholders IAF will develop programs that respond to the evolving needs of the sector.

Reviews from Industry

Seamless Process

In addition to offering strategic advice as a committee member for the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative, IAF helps ensure administrative processes work seamlessly behind the scenes – from managing project contracts and payments to maintaining records management systems, service standards and program reporting, they do a great job of effective and efficient program administration.
Emily MacNair-Director, BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative

Terrific Resource for Industry

Our partnership with IAF has always been good, they have a wealth of industry expertise, so they really understand the applicants they work with and are a terrific resource for connecting industry needs with funding opportunities. We’re a repeat client so we also appreciate their efforts to streamline the application process and provide a pre-approval stage to expedite subsequent funding requests. Opening a dedicated intake window also enhances the consultation experience as IAF staff can offer more focused attention on application inquiries
Brian Faulkner-Vice President, Sales & Marketing, BCfresh

Responsive to Industry Needs

The continued work of the Japanese Beetle (JB) Eradication Program Partners has resulted in an incredible decrease in the numbers of JB detected in 2019, reducing the risk of moving this pest into production areas as well as homes, wildlands and forests. We’re grateful that when the outbreak first occurred, IAF helped expedite the application process so we could quickly access project funding to address this threat. IAF staff have worked closely and diligently with us throughout the entire project, assisting with application preparation, delivering federal and provincial government funding and overseeing reporting requirements to complete the circle of support from all partners.
Hedy Dyck-Chief Operating Officer, BC Landscape & Nursery Association

Our Services

We provide customized end-to-end program administration solutions for programs that support the operational and environmental considerations of the agriculture and agri-food sector in British Columbia.

End-to-end solutions

We handle the program through its entire lifecycle

Modular solutions

We handle the foundational administrative modules of program delivery allowing the technical lead to spearhead program implementation and drive impact

Serving Industry

We modernize service delivery to better assist industry access to funding opportunities, creating an impactful and engaging applicant experience.

IAF’s program administration services feature a full suite of program management and implementation modules that constitute the full program lifecycle for government clients. You can count on us for:

  • Program planning and implementation design
  • Program promotion and marketing
  • Planning and implementation
  • Program monitoring, evaluation and auditing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement
  • Training and knowledge-base management
  • Management of the applicant journey:
  • Eligibility and enrollment
  • Guidance on program eligibility and project structure
  • Project due diligence and funding decisions
  • Writing and executing contracts
  • Project assessment and monitoring
  • Payments and claims processing

Why Us?

We simplify the administration experience for both clients and industry:

Benefits to Funders
Standardised and streamlined program delivery, including program evaluations that track applicant activity across programs
Applicant tracking across programs within the same sector
New programs launched quickly, with less risk and utilising optimal Information and Communications Technology
Adherence to government frameworks, processes and best practices
Readily adaptable and scalable team
Benefits to Industry
Program information is presented in a language consistent with the industry we serve
Consistent user experience across programs within the same sector
Single point of contact (entry point) to conduct end-to-end project administration
Pre-qualification through a ‘tell us once’ online registration and eligibility process
Knowledgeable team with industry experience

Our Clients

IAF has four major clients: Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Western Economic Diversification Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture

Program Expertise

Programs we have delivered include but are not limited to:

Agricultural Research


Rural & Indigenous Agriculture

Agricultural Innovation

Marketing & Retail

About the team

Our professional and dedicated staff have both technical and administrative expertise. Technically the team is experienced in agricultural policy, agronomy, food processing and manufacturing and administratively the team is experienced in project management, claims administration, communications and financial reporting. The team is underpinned by an industry-appointed Board that drives the strategic direction of IAF and is available to adjudicate the disbursement of funding if required.