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Funding Opportunities

We deliver a variety of government programs to assist the agriculture and food processing industries in BC. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a local marketing or export opportunity, enhancing environmental sustainability or developing a new product or process, funding is available to help turn your idea into reality.

Eligible Activities

Activities Include:

  • Labelling Products/Packaging with a Buy BC Logo
  • Marketing Collateral and Promotional Tools
  • BC-Focused Market Development Activities
  • Media Advertising

Eligible Applicants

  • Primary Agriculture and/or Seafood Producers (includes growers, harvesters, ranchers, etc.) or Cooperatives
  • Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and/or Seafood Processors
  • Industry Associations, Boards, or Councils
  • Agricultural Fairs
  • Farmers’ Markets

Application Process

To complete an application:

  1. Attain Buy BC Logo License
  2. Confirm Your Eligibility (Part A of Application)
  3. Notice of Program Eligibility
  4. Submit Project Details Form (Part B of Application)
  5. Project Approval

Funding provided by:

Buy BC Cost-Shared Funding Program

Buy BC Partnership Program Cost-Shared Funding is available to applicants to undertake sector/product specific marketing and promotional activities to increase consumer demand and sales of BC agrifood and seafood products within the Province.

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Eligible Applicants

Applicant organizations must have a head office or be registered in BC. Eligible participants include:

  • BC agri-food sector producers and processors
  • Industry associations/organizations
  • Retails and food service businesses
  • Input, technology and support services providers
  • Academic institutions and/or other organizations and private sector businesses
  • Regional districts and local governments

Eligible Activities

Priority for funding will be given to funding activities identified to advance innovation and competitiveness in BC’s agriculture, food or agri-products sectors, and include:

  • Advancement in plant, animal and food science
  • Energy and waste management
  • New product development and commercialization
  • Improvements in soil, water and air quality
  • Climate change adaptation

Funding provided by:

CAP: Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program

The CBCAIP allows industry, academia, value-added food processors, retailers and others to access funding for projects involving late-stage research; pilots and demonstrations; as well as the commercialization and adoption of innovative products, technologies and practices for the agriculture, food or agri-products sector.

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Eligible Applicants

  • Primary agriculture producers;
  • Agriculture, food & beverage processors and/or seafood processors;
  • Agriculture, food & beverage cooperatives; and
  • Recognized agriculture, food & beverage and seafood industry associations, boards or councils.

For more details please visit the BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program page.

Eligible Activities

  • Market Skills Training
  • Marketing Information & Research 
  • Market Development Planning 
  • Export Market Development Activities & Export-focused Marketing Collateral and Promotional Tools

For more details please visit the BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program page.

Application Process

Steps to complete application:

  1. Confirm Your Eligibility (Part A) 
  2. Notice of Program Eligibility 
  3. Engage with a Pre-qualified consultant (if applicable)
  4. Submit Part B of the Application (Project Details Form)
  5. Confirmation of Approval

For more details please visit the BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program page.

Funding provided by:

CAP: BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program

The B.C. Agrifood and Seafood Market Development Program provides Federal and Provincial Government cost-shared funding support for B.C.’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors to undertake eligible domestic and export market development projects and activities.

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Eligible Participants

  • Primary Producers;
  • Processors;
  • Retailers/Wholesalers/Input Suppliers;
  • Value Chains (e.g. producer-producer organizations or associations-processor-distributor).

Eligible Activities

Eligible program activities include:

  • Research (including market development research)
  • Marketing
  • Infrastructure modernization (new or innovative equipment)

Funding provided by:

Tree Fruit Competitiveness Fund

Announced in February 2018, the B.C. government’s Tree Fruit Competitiveness Fund provides up to $5 million in funding over four years to support marketing, infrastructure, and research to support a competitive tree fruit sector in B.C.

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Eligible Participants

> Regional/community beekeeping associations or groups
> Beekeepers with permitted hives
> Groups of beekeepers with permitted hives
> First Nations/Indigenous Peoples organizations

Eligible Projects

Eligible project activities include research, exploration, and field testing of bee health related best management practices.

  • Both conventional and new/innovative bee health best management practices are eligible.

Examples of eligible activities include:

  • purchasing a new piece of equipment and implementing it into your bee health strategy
  • implementing a best management practice such as beehive equipment irradiation
  • introducing pollen substitutes and/or supplements into your bee health strategy
  • seeding and planting new bee forage that offers nectar and pollen.

Funding provided by:

Bee BC Program

Announced in 2018, the Bee BC Program provided up to $100,000 in funding over two years to support small scale regional/community-based projects to research, explore, field-test and share information about best management practices associated with bee health.

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Other Programs

IAF delivers a variety of government programs to assist the agriculture and food processing industries in BC.

These include the Agri-Food Futures Fund, Agriculture & Agri-food Adaptation Programs, the Agriculture Area Planning Program and more.

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How Funding Works

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a local or international marketing opportunity or developing a new product or process, funding is available to help turn your idea into reality.

  • 1. Initial concept

    Review funding opportunities to see if your project idea is eligible for funding.

  • 2. Connect with Program Manager

    Contact a Program Manager by phone or email to confirm your eligibility and discuss next steps.

  • 3. Complete an Application

    Complete an application - this can be a multiple step application process, depending on program.

  • 4. Funding Approved

    Congrats! You've been approved. Now you must meet the funding recognition and reporting requirements.

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