Protecting BC Agriculture, BCFB donates PPE

Published On: June 16, 2021Categories: IAF News

Following the recent conclusion of the Protecting our People program, BC Food & Beverage (BCFB) was left with a small supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Wanting to help those most at-risk of Covid-19, BCFB reached out to the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) to see if those in the primary agriculture industries had need for additional PPE due to the influx of Temporary Foreign Workers.

Together, the two organizations were able to coordinate the drop-off of the PPE supplies directly to the hotel the Temp. Foreign Workers were quarantining at as part of the BCAC program.

“The timing worked great! BCAC was one of my first calls when we realized we would have some additional PPE available to share. Knowing how important Temporary Foreign Workers are to BC’s agriculture industry, it was a logical place to start. We’re so pleased to be assisting in supporting the safe on-boarding Temporary Foreign Workers.”
– James Donaldson, BC Food & Beverage

“We thank BC Food & Beverage and IAF for making these masks available to the guest workers,” says BCAC Executive Director, Reg Ens. “Keeping staff safe during the pandemic while maintaining the food supply has been a clear focus across the food chain. The additional PPE are being used by workers coming to Canada while they are in quarantine to allow them to participate in organized walks. These walks help the workers cope with the monotony of quarantine and are critical to maintaining mental health.”
– Reg Ens, BC Agriculture Council

In addition to the donation to BCAC, several members of BCFB have been working to donate masks, sanitizer, and other PPE to Food Bank staff and other BC groups like the BC Food Banks, White Rock Hospice and the Wish Foundation.

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