Implemented plans denote the following criteria: 

  • Action items for all red box questions (those with high priority due to an associated high level of risk) have been achieved (i.e., turned green). 
  • Verify that producers applying for a ‘Statement of Implementation’ have addressed all the outstanding issues on their EFP Action Plan by:  
  • Reviewing the producer’s EFP Action Plan.  
  • Confirm all issues triggered by a red box in the EFP have been addressed.  
  • Confirm all Planning BMPs that the EFP triggered have been completed.  
  • Review the application for a Statement of Implementation provided by the producer, sign if complete, and forward to the IAF office and producer.  
  • The significance of implementation is that action has been taken to change practices and mitigate environmental issues. This strongly indicates that Beneficial Management Program action items have been implemented.