Cultivating Prosperity

Developing a new vision for the agriculture and agri-food sector in BC

About the Project

In March 2020, the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) and its member organizations, and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF), teamed up to harness the power of agriculture and agri-foods in BC, far beyond the grocery store aisle. Recognizing the potential for agriculture to not only be the backbone of BC’s regional food security, but for the sector to become a tool to help combat many of the complex issues our society is experiencing today; the groups embarked on a project entitled Cultivating Prosperity in British Columbia (Cultivating Prosperity). With Cultivating Prosperity, we hope to lay the foundation for the development of a new vision for the agriculture and agri-food sector.



October 23, 2020: BC Agriculture Council and Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC announced today the completion of a B.C. agriculture economic impact study that illustrates how agriculture is a significant economic contributor and an important piece of B.C.’s identity. Not only is the sector a core component of the province’s economy, it can play a major role in helping the province weather and recover from the pandemic-induced economic downturn, particularly in rural communities.

In March 2020, the two organizations embarked on a project called “Cultivating Prosperity in British Columbia” to lay the foundation for the development of a new vision for B.C.’s agriculture sector. In support of the project’s objectives, BCAC and IAF engaged with MNP LLP to conduct a study…

Read the full announcement: B.C. agriculture as the economic stabilizer after COVID-19 (PDF)

Read the report: Study of the British Columbia Agriculture Sector (PDF)


  • I

    Initiate Project

    Define the project scope and objectives.

  • II

    Research & Analyse

    Complete an economic impact study and other research.

  • III


    Industry engagement on results of research

  • IV


    Create a short-term action plan and long term strategic plan based on industry feedback

  • V


    Launch project. Monitor and evaluate to ensure it meets the original goals and responds to emerging opportunities

Project Steering Committee

The steering committee will engage with industry (farmers, agricultural organizations, government and other stakeholders), government officials and consultants as necessary throughout the project.

The project steering committee is currently comprised of:

BC Agriculture Council

Reg Ens, Executive Director

BC Cattlemen’s Association

Ken Boon, General Manager

BC Dairy Association

Jeremy Dunn, General Manager

BC Blueberry Council

Anju Gill, Executive Director

Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

Michelle Koski, Executive Director
Natalie Janssens, Manager of Programs

This project was funded in part by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Government of British Columbia through programs delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C.