In December 2021, the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF) began delivering the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) Programs.

To help with the transition to a new delivery organization, we’ve compiled some key information to help answer any questions you may have.

About IAF

IAF is an industry led, not-for-profit that delivers government-funded programs to the agriculture and agri-food sector in British Columbia. For over 25 years, we’ve offered agile and efficient solutions to deliver programs and navigated change while never losing sight of the industry we serve.

Why did EFP & BMP transfer to IAF?

In June 2021, the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) Board of Directors announced their decision to focus their organization on advocacy and step away from delivering government programs through their subsidiary, ARDCorp. BCAC recommended that IAF take over the program delivery responsibilities for the EFP and BMP programs.

The BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries agreed. In December 2021, the transition was complete; IAF now delivers the EFP and BMP programs on behalf of the Governments of BC and Canada.

What impacts does the transfer have on the programs?

IAF is committed to providing continuity and stability to the EFP & BMP programs for the final 15 months of the programs (January 2022 to March 2023). While there may be a few small changes (e.g. email address or contact phone number), the key elements of the programs will remain the same. 

Online EFP Pilot

While maintaining delivery of the programs in their current state, IAF is also looking to add value to help the programs flourish and remain relevant beyond the current CAP agreement. One example of these efforts will be through a pilot project providing an option for producers to complete their EFP online. This will involve an electronic EFP workbook and opportunities for producers to engage with Planning Advisors in a more streamlined manner that suits their schedule, is tailored to their farm and allows them to easily update their Plan as their farm grows or changes.  

If you’re interested in participating in the pilot project as either a Planning Advisor or a producer, please get in touch.

The CAP programs end on March 31, 2023, so what happens next?

The representatives from the Governments of BC and Canada are developing and negotiating program priorities for the next five-year provincial-territorial-federal initiative (yet to be named). It is not known what the new priorities will be, how the programs will look, or which organization will be delivering them. To provide feedback or suggest priorities for the next 5-year initiative, contact your association or BCAC.


For more information about the program: CAP: Environmental Farm Plan Program