Tree Fruit Competitiveness Program

Announced in February 2018, the B.C. Government’s Tree Fruit Competitiveness Fund provides up to $5 million in funding over four years to support marketing, infrastructure, and research to support a competitive tree fruit sector in B.C.

In partnership with the BC Fruit Growers’ Association, the Tree Fruit Competitiveness Program invests in enhanced competitiveness initiatives through infrastructure, innovation, marketing and research.

The Program includes four primary components:

  • Research: cultivar, disease and pest research
  • Marketing: export market opportunities and market development research
  • Infrastructure: sector-based infrastructure modernization such as new or innovative equipment
  • The ability to address any over-subscription of the B.C. Government’s Tree Fruit Replant Program

As part of a program, a study was commissioned to identify key priorities for the Tree Fruit Competitiveness Fund. Read the study: BC Tree Fruits Industry Competitiveness Fund (PDF)

  • Primary Producers;
  • Processors;
  • Retailers/Wholesalers/Input Suppliers;
  • Value Chains (e.g. producer-producer organizations or associations-processor-distributor).

Eligible program activities include:

  • Research (including market development research)
  • Marketing
  • Infrastructure modernization (new or innovative equipment) – primarily engineering, planning and design

For more details or information, please contact IAF at funding(at)

Funding will be provided to projects that meet program criteria and are determined by the Program Review Committee to be priorities under the updated industry strategy. Portions of the fund may also be used to address any over-subscription of the B.C. Government’s Tree Fruit Replant Program over the next four years.

Following the submission of your completed application to IAF, the application will be reviewed by a group of industry representatives selected by the BC Fruit Growers Assoc (Program Review Committee). This group will make recommendation to the IAF Board of Directors for funding of priority projects.

Upcoming Deadlines

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Application - Part A

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Funding Acknowledgement Requirements

Project materials must recognize the funding provided by the Government of BC to qualify for cost-sharing.

NOTE: You are required to ensure the requirements are applied consistently in all project communications, materials and products, failure to do so may put committed funding at risk.

For more information

Please contact a Program Manager at funding(at) for more information.