Sweets Success for Delta Chocolatier

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There are big things in store for Brockmann’s Chocolates…and bite-sized delights for the rest of us!

Although the third-generation family business opened in BC more than 30 years ago, the reigning Brockmanns felt their connection to the community as a local manufacturer could be better highlighted. So, when the family readied to launch their newest treat, Crunchetti, they turned to the BC Buy Local Program to help tell their story and introduce the new line of premium clusters as a gourmet snack of choice.

Less than a year later, almost 100 in-store sampling events have been held and the company’s website and social media platforms have been completely refreshed, serving not only to advertise the new line and bolster the Brockmann reputation, but also to promote their local retail partners.

While the enhanced marketing materials have certainly helped increase brand awareness, Director of Sales, Sheena Quish believes the more focused Buy Local messaging is what really resonates with consumers and translates into consistent sales. “Profiling Crunchetti as a quality, local product developed by a family with a long history in BC is what’s really differentiated us from our competitors and helped support local retailers,” explains Quish.

Since production began last March, Brockmann’s has sold more than 30,000 bags of Crunchetti, generated over $100,000 of new revenue, and secured listings with over 100 retailers in BC!

While the majority of product feedback has arisen from in-store demos, Quish is more than satisfied with the momentum they’re gaining online. “We’ve nearly doubled our Twitter followers and Facebook page likes since starting the project,” she reports, adding that they’ve also gained 275 Instagram followers in the first three months of creating the account.

With the advent of 2017, the historical chocolatier shows no signs of slowing down. “We’ve just signed with a new specialty food distributor, based on the early success of Crunchetti,” says Quish. “Going forward, this represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our reach in BC, acquire new customers and greatly accelerate our sales growth.”

Funding: $37,592 through the BC Government’s Buy Local Program. (BL159)

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