As your project application forms part of your legal agreement with IAF, changes to your project must be approved in advance. Be sure to talk to your Program Manager as early as possible, as certain types of changes must be requested in writing and require some time to consider & approve.

Types of changes requiring approval include

  • Requests for an extension
  • Changes to funding partners or amounts they are contributing to your project (particularly if their contribution will be less than originally anticipated)
  • Unexpected delays that may impact project results, deliverables or timelines
  • Budgetary changes (over 10% of a line item)
  • Requests for additional funding
  • Project withdrawals or early termination

We try to be as flexible and supportive of our clients as possible, and are usually able to accommodate reasonable requests for project changes. However, certain types of changes – like those listed – that are not approved may be considered a breech of your legal agreement and can result in loss of project funding. In extreme cases, we may ask you to return funding that you have already received.