Congratulations! You’ve just received word that your project was approved. Here’s what you can expect next.

You will receive confirmation that your project is approved with the details of the decision and any terms and conditions.

Please note You will need to obtain permission before making any announcement about your project or undertaking any communications.

Satisfying Terms & Conditions

The next step involves satisfying any terms and conditions. As each project is different, so too are the terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to satisfy these requirements. Usually this includes:

  • Signing the decision letter and returning it within 30 days (not required for projects that receive $10,000 or less in funding).
  • Providing written confirmation of funding contributed to the project from other sources.
  • Providing a revised budget (if different from the application). Note: Significant budget changes may require further approval.
  • Providing a revised work plan (if different from the application). Note: Significant changes may require further approval.
  • Satisfying any additional “subject to” items designated in your decision letter.

Legal Agreement

Once you have accepted the offer and all terms and conditions have been satisfactorily met, the contribution agreement will be prepared. This agreement is a legally binding document that explains the responsibilities of each party. A reporting and payment schedule will be attached, which outlines when your reports are due and the payment associated with each reporting period. You will receive a copy of the agreement, which must be signed and witnessed and returned to us. Once signed by IAF, we will return one copy to you after all signatures have been affixed.

Contribution Agreements are typically sent to you within ten business days from the date all project conditions are met.

Your First Payment

Your first payment cannot be authorized until we have received your signed contribution agreement.

Your IAF Contact

Your Program Manager will be your contact for the duration of your project, with the exception of communication matters. See Funding Recognition Requirements.

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