Once you’ve taken our online quiz and are ready to apply, have a look at the following tips to help guide you through the application process.

  • Contact a program manager to discuss your project idea and determine which funding program is the right fit.
  • Consider submitting a letter of intent explaining your idea. This can give you an indication of the likelihood of approval and helpful direction before investing the resources to complete a comprehensive application, but it also lengthens the application process. Read any program-specific information your program manager may suggest.
  • Think about how your project fits with our funding principles and be sure to articulate this in your application.
  • Fill in all parts of the application form completely and accurately. Double check to make sure that all of your numbers add up.
  • Attach letters of support from project partners, relevant industry groups and other stakeholders. Your program manager can advise you.
  • For funding requests over $10,000, submit your application before the deadline to give your program manager time to review your application and ensure it is complete before it goes to our board for a decision. (There are no deadlines for funding requests under $10,000.)
  • Once your program manager has reviewed your application, you may be asked for additional supporting information, clarification, or modifications. Don’t forget to respond to these requests in a timely manner or you may hold up your application.
  • Once your program manager is satisfied that your application is complete, it will be sent to our board for a decision.
  • Your program manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know the decision.