1 Before You Apply

Online Quiz/FAQs

Find out if your idea is eligible before you apply by completing our online quiz. If you need more information, see tips and FAQs.

Ready to Apply

Once you’ve determined your idea may be eligible, you will be prompted to contact one of our program managers to discuss next steps.

2After You Apply

Application Review

You have submitted your application. See what comes next.

Funding Approval

Congratulations, you’ve just received word that your project has been approved! Please see post-approval requirements.

3Post Approval

Post Approval

So your project has been approved but we’re a few steps away from going to contract.

Funding Recognition Requirements

Our team will help you through our funding recognition requirements. Acknowledgement of IAF and its funders is a mandatory condition for all projects that receive funding.

Project Reporting Requirements

Once your project is underway, you will need to provide regular reports on the progress and financial status of your project.

Project Changes

Contact your Program Manager before making any changes to your project.