The Perennial Crop Renewal Program supports producers to remove unproductive, diseased, or unmarketable cultivars and to adopt growing systems that are better suited to environmental conditions and market demands.

The Perennial Crop Renewal Program (PCRP) is an up to $15M program funded by the Government of BC through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (AF) and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF).

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The Perennial Crop Renewal Program (PCRP) is a multi-commodity program that provides cost-shared funding that will be available to BC-based perennial crop producers to remove unproductive, diseased, or unmarketable cultivars; and to adopt growing systems that are better suited to environmental conditions and market demands, based on sector-specific opportunities. Funding will also be available to perennial crop associations and stakeholder groups to conduct sector development projects that evaluate or define agronomic and market opportunities.

Program Objective

  • To support farmers to adapt to environmental and market conditions by diversifying, renovating, or expanding production.
  • To support agricultural sectors to evaluate and define agronomic and market opportunities.

Program Goal

To increase the competitiveness and resiliency of the BC agri-food economy in domestic and global markets.

Program Funding Streams

STREAM 3: Sector-Specific Planting Projects

Cherry applications open on July 9, 2024, at 9 AM.

STREAM 2: Removal Projects

Stream 2 applications are closed.

STREAM 1: Sector Development Projects

Stream 1 applications are closed.

Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be evaluated based on a set of pre-determined criteria. The following are examples of evaluation criteria and considerations that will be used to score each application:

Stream 1: Sector Development Projects Evaluation Criteria
  • Scope of Opportunity Assessment
  • Quality of Contractor
  • Quality of workplan
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Quality of proposal (strength and quality of application)
Stream 2: Removal Projects Evaluation Criteria
  • Rationale for crop removal
  • Crop destruction method (best practices and in compliance)
  • Proper disposal of supporting infrastructure
  • Long term land use or ownership plan will ensure land is kept in agricultural production
  • Quality of removal proposal (strength and quality of application)
Stream 3: Sector-Specific Planting Projects Evaluation Criteria
  • Applicant experience growing crop on a commercial scale
  • Applicant experience growing this crop for target market
  • Applicant experience growing perennial crops on a commercial scale
  • Likelihood of horticultural success of the proposed planting
  • Variety has traits suitable for intended market
  • Likelihood of market success
  • Quality of planting plan (strength and quality of application)



Your organization must register through the IAF Client Portal to apply to IAF programs. Please note, if you have not already registered, this process can take up to 2 business days and must be completed before the application deadline.

For the 2023 intake only, retroactive applications will be accepted for removal projects (Stream 2) starting on or after May 1st, 2023.

A farm business is a separate legal entity which can enter into contracts that either owns or leases the land which project activities will occur on.

No, you can apply to both or either streams. The only consideration is that you cannot apply for Stream 3 projects on the same land as Stream 2 projects, in the same year.

Commodity specific criteria (Stream 3) will be developed once the opportunities assessment is completed (Stream 1). This is an important step as the long-term viability, capacity and competitiveness of each sector needs to be taken into consideration.


For producers to be eligible for sector-specific planting projects (Stream 3 funding), a perennial sector must identify a specific, measurable goal that the PCRP can address. This is completed through Stream 1 – Sector Development projects led by Industry Associations.

The Ministry will review Stream 1 reports to recommend whether the identified opportunities are aligned with the PCRP and feasible for the sector.

At this time, raspberry and hazelnut sectors have provided justification for their inclusion in PCRP.

Opportunity assessments are currently being conducted by blueberries, cherries and wine grapes.

When not represented by an industry association, perennial crop producer groups are eligible to apply to Stream 1 (i.e. Tree Fruits). Sector-specific eligibility will be reviewed on a five-year cycle.

IAF provides payments by EFT (direct deposit). To get your EFT information set up to ensure timely delivery of your payment(s) please follow the directions provided here to update your client portal.

Streams 1 and 2: 30% of approved reimbursement will be issued upon project approval. The remaining reimbursement will be based on actual expenses reported in the final report, confirmation of all relevant documentation and completed field inspection (if applicable).
Final payments will be made based on actual expenses reported, and payments will be made in arrears. All Stream 1 and 2 projects will require a final report and the final payment will be retained pending submission of final reporting.

Stream 3: Payment issued upon successful completion of field inspection.

Project timelines to complete all activities are Stream dependent.

Stream 1: Maximum of 24 months to complete your project. All projects must be completed by February 1, 2026.

Stream 2: 12 months to complete your project. Field inspections must be completed within 3-6 months following removal.

Stream 3: Maximum of 24 months to complete your project. All projects must be completed by or before November 1, 2025 to accommodate field inspections.

Please provide the status of the permit and any supporting documentation at the time of application.

All recipients are required to comply with all necessary laws and regulations.

No, GST is not eligible for reimbursement.

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