The work we do to advance BC agriculture and agri-food would not be possible without the dedication and expertise of our Membership.

Comprised of nine industry associations, our Members are responsible for the Foundation’s highest level of operations, including the nomination of our Board of Directors, the appointment of auditors, and the approval of our Annual Reports and Financial Statements every year at our AGM.

We work hard to recognize the varied and unique needs of BC’s agricultural sectors, relying on an equally diverse membership to ensure broad representation on the IAF Board.

Our Member Organizations

  • BC Cattlemens Association
    • Mission: To maintain a healthy cattle industry that provides quality beef products to consumers and is guided by strong volunteer membership, environmental stewardship, respect for stakeholders and excellent business practices.
  • BC Fruit Growers Association
    • Mission: To represent BC fruit growers’ interests through activities which include lobbying governments for positive change to risk management programs and providing services and products to growers.
  • BC Grain Producers Association
    • Mission: To improve the viability of the grains and oilseed industry in the BC Peace River Region and encourage all farmers to participate within their industry so that their voices may be heard.
  • BC Greenhouse Growers Association
    • Mission: To deliver services and research programs to our members to help keep them globally competitive and to keep a vibrant and sustainable greenhouse vegetable sector in BC, while providing high-quality and safe greenhouse vegetables to consumers.
  • BC Landscape & Nursery Association
    • Mission: To promote the global recognition of British Columbia as a leader in landscape horticulture and provide an effective organization for meeting the needs of nursery growers, landscape professionals and garden centres.
  • BC Dairy Association
    • Mission: To ensure dairy farming delivers a positive impact on our community and to preserve a sustainable, valuable and ethical industry in British Columbia.
  • BC Pork Producers Association
  • BC Poultry Association
    • Mission: To lead the regulated BC poultry associations on common issues that strengthen and improve the well-being of regulated poultry farmers.
  • Horse Council of BC
    • Mission: To collaborate with business, industry and government on behalf of equine welfare, sports, recreation and the individual rider/driver.