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IAF delivers a variety of government programs to assist the agriculture and food processing industries in BC.

Agri-Food Futures Fund

AFFF funding helps both established and emerging agricultural and food processing sectors to pursue opportunities and develop solutions.

$7 million in project funding is available to BC’s agriculture and agri-food industry through the AFFF initiative. Since 2001, AFFF has contributed more than $21 million to hundreds of projects in areas like agri-tourism, environmental management, Aboriginal agriculture, food and beverage processing, agroforestry, emerging sectors and more.

Strategic Priorities

While there are many sectors and projects that receive funding through this initiative, there are certain areas of priority under AFFF, including emerging sectors, food safety and quality, and food and beverage processing.

Additional Information

All applications should demonstrate a broad benefit to BC’s agriculture and/or agrifoods sectors. AFFF is a cost-shared program, with both financial and in-kind project contributions considered for matching funding.

Agriculture & Agri-food Adaptation Programs

Agriculture and Agri-food Adaptation programs provide funding to the industry to adapt and remain competitive.

The Agriculture and Agri-food Adaptation program funding is available for projects that assist the agriculture, agri-food, and agri-based products sector’s ability to seize opportunities, to respond to new and emerging issues, and to  pilot solutions to new and ongoing issues in order to help it to adapt and remain competitive.

Strategic Priorities

Funding is available for projects that match one or more of the following strategic priorities:

  • Seize new opportunities
  • Respond to new and emerging issues
  • Pilot solutions to new and ongoing issues to help the sector adapt and remain competitive.

Agriculture Area Planning Program - Temporarily Suspended

This program is currently under review. The review and the updated program status will be available by November 1st 2019. 

This special funding program supports projects that enable the development of agricultural area plans within British Columbia municipalities and regional districts. Applications for funding must be submitted by a municipality or regional district or an alliance between a local/regional government and an agriculture organization.

We can fund up to 50 percent of the cash costs of an agriculture area plan project, up to a maximum of $45,000. Plan updates are also considered.

Funding may also be available to carry out agriculture viability studies, develop agriculture strategies, conduct arability studies and carry out foodshed analyses, as well as the implementation of specific activities at a community or regional level. These types of projects (what we call pre-plans and implementation projects) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information: Planning for Agriculture (BC Government)

Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative

The Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative supports local governments in developing emergency response plans for livestock disposal in the event of a disease outbreak or other natural disaster.

Funding is available to help communities prepare plans for the efficient and safe disposal of all livestock carcasses generated during an emergency in BC.

Whether in response to disease outbreak or a natural disaster, disposal plans need to be implemented immediately and are to integrate local, regional, provincial and federal governments.

Poultry Biosecurity Program

This program was created to help the BC industry develop enhanced on-farm biosecurity programs and an emergency response program that can be immediately activated to prevent a detected outbreak from spreading.

Funding is available for projects that address the following key activity areas identified in the Poultry Industry Biosecurity/Emergency Response Strategic Plan:

  • Implement enhanced biosecurity protocols
  • Develop an emergency response management plan that links to the provincial FADES plan
  • Develop an effective and comprehensive risk management program


Emergency Response Strategic Plan

Emergency Response Work Plan

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