Other Programs

IAF delivers a variety of government programs to assist the agriculture and food processing industries in BC.

If you or your organization is interested in applying for any of the following programs, please contact funding(at)iafbc.ca to speak with one of our Program Managers.


Please contact us at funding(at)iafbc.ca to learn more about:

  • Program eligibility
  • Program requirements
  • To start the application process

Poultry Biosecurity Program

This program was created to help the BC industry develop enhanced on-farm biosecurity programs and an emergency response program that can be immediately activated to prevent a detected outbreak from spreading.

Funding is available for projects that address the following key activity areas identified in the Poultry Industry Biosecurity/Emergency Response Strategic Plan:

  • Implement enhanced bio-security protocols
  • Develop an emergency response management plan that links to the provincial FADES plan
  • Develop an effective and comprehensive risk management program


Emergency Response Strategic Plan

Emergency Response Work Plan

Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative

The Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative supports local governments in developing emergency response plans for livestock disposal in the event of a disease outbreak or other natural disaster.

Funding is available to help communities prepare plans for the efficient and safe disposal of all livestock carcasses generated during an emergency in BC.

Whether in response to disease outbreak or a natural disaster, disposal plans need to be implemented immediately and are to integrate local, regional, provincial and federal governments.

Agricultural Area Planning Program

This program has been reviewed and will be re-launching in spring 2021. Our goal is for applications to open in mid-April, with projects starting around mid-June. Further information, subscribe to our Growing Today Newsletter, where all program updates are announced.