IAF is delivering four on-farm programs you may be interested in!

Environmental Farm Plan

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Program is a complimentary program that provides eligible agri-food sector producers with access to consultants (known as EFP Advisors) to assist in the completion of Environmental Farm Plans. An EFP is an on-farm agri-environmental risk assessment. Its purpose is to identify potential environmental, regenerative agriculture and climate risks within a farmer and rancher’s operations and educate them about how these risks can be mitigated.


Beneficial Management Practices

The Beneficial Management Practices Program (BMP) is an on-farm cost-share incentive program to assist farm and ranch operations to mitigate some of the risks identified in their associated Environmental Farm Plan (EFP). Cost-shared funding is available for projects in a variety of categories including planning, technical assessments or engineered designs; water infrastructure; riparian and grazing; nutrient and waste management; biodiversity; soil carbon; and energy and fuel efficiency.


Extreme Weather Preparedness

The Extreme Weather Preparedness for Agriculture Program (EWP) offers eligible farm and ranch businesses cost-shared funding to complete projects which increase farm-level climate resilience to extreme weather events. Funding is available under three streams: wildfire preparedness, flooding preparedness, and extreme heat preparedness.

Food Safety Program

The Food Safety Program (FSP) seeks to increase adoption of new or improving existing food safety practices and systems by BC on-farm and BC post-farm businesses to enable the BC agrifood sector to meet existing and new national and international food safety regulatory requirements.