BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program

The B.C. Agrifood and Seafood Market Development Program helps B.C. agri-food producers, agri-food and seafood processors, co-operatives, and associations to identify, access, target and develop market opportunities to increase their sales outside of B.C.

Program Announcement

The Application Window for the BC Agri-Food and Seafood Market Development Program though our new online portal is now open! There is no longer a two-phased (Part A/Part B) application process for this program;  all applicants, regardless of whether or not they have applied for and received funding from IAF in the past, need to confirm their eligibility for the program through IAF’s online portal. 

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Program Overview

This five-year cost-shared program, funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, supports the development of marketing skills and plans, the creation of market research and export-focused promotional materials, and participation in export-focused market development activities, including reaching new customers through interprovincial/ international trade shows.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are producers, processors, cooperatives, industry associations, boards and councils that meet the following criteria: 

  • have a head office in B.C. or be entitled to do business in B.C.;
  • be selling or marketing a product that is grown or processed in B.C.;
  • contribute a minimum percentage of the total project budget in cash;
  • meet minimum total annual gross revenues (i.e. sales) for the most recent two years.

Note: A program eligibility check is completed in the first step of the application.

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Eligible Activities

A BC Agrifood and Seafood Market Development Program application must include one or more of the following activities to be considered for the program:

  • Market information and research;
  • Market development planning;
  • Market skill training;
  • Export development activities (all products must be market-ready).

For more details, download the Program Guide

Program Guide

All applicants are encouraged to review the Program Guidelines to ensure they understand all eligibility and application criteria.

Project Funding Amounts

Program funding is limited, all applications will be assessed on a competitive basis and only those that score highly against the evaluation matrix will go forward for funding.


Industry associations, boards and councils: eligible for up to $75,000 in program funding per year. The program can cover up to 70% of total cash costs of the project, the remaining 30% must come from the applicant. 

Producers, processors and cooperatives: eligible for up to $50,000 in program funding per year. The program can cover up to 50% of total cash costs of the project, the remaining 50% must come from the applicant.

Please refer to the program guide for funding caps within the 2021-22 program cycle. 


The application window is now open! To apply or to determine your eligibility for program funding, please click on the Apply Now button where you can navigate through to IAF’s new online application portal (you can now save as you go!).

Please allow yourself time to register your organization, complete an eligibility check and access the application forms well before the application window closing date (November 30, 2020).

Pre-qualified Consultants

For Market Research and Market Development Planning applicants.
*Interested in becoming a pre-qualified Consultant? Apply via the Ministry at BCBid*

Eligible Training Courses

For Market Skills Training applicants

Have a Question?

Our team is here to support you, contact us today! We ask that you upload your draft application and budget to the online Portal before requesting a consult call.

Program Brochure

Download the program brochure for an overview of the Program