Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative

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This revitalized program is now available to help BC-based abattoirs and meat processors directly improve the accessibility and affordability of animal tissue waste disposal.

IAF is providing access to $500,000 for BC-based abattoirs and meat processors to assist with affordable options to legally dispose of animal tissue waste. The program can provide up to $40,000 per applicant with projects being assessed according to the set application evaluation criteria.

This funding originated from the BC Ministry of Agriculture in 2005 and was intended to deliver the BC Waste and Specified Risk Material Handling and Disposal Strategy. In 2019/20 IAF worked with industry representatives and the Ministry to identify sector needs that align with the original program objectives.

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Project Funding Amounts

The program can provide up to $40,000 per applicant with projects being assessed according to the set application evaluation criteria.

Program funding is designed to cover up to 50% of your total project costs, with the remaining 50% coming from your organization through cash contributions. This means that for a project of $10,000 in value, you can request $5,000 from the program and the remaining $5,000 must come from your organization through cash contributions.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants

New applicants must meet one of the following criteria to be considered eligible:

  • Licensed abattoirs located in BC (includes Federal A, B, D and E classes)
  • Meat processors located in BC that handle Specified Risk Materials (SRM)
  • Not-for-profit organizations representing the abattoir/livestock sectors
  • First Nations / Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations with direct connections to abattoirs /meat processors

Eligible Activities

Projects need to demonstrate how they will directly improve the accessibility and affordability of animal tissue waste disposal for the applicant. Project activities may be any one or combination of the following:

  • Composting equipment/systems for on-farm deadstock or livestock waste tissue (E.g. windrow systems, in-vessel systems or sealed containers)
  • Compost turners, aeration tools, and other equipment for managing and monitoring compost systems (temperature, organic matter, moisture)
  • Cold storage systems specifically for livestock waste tissue
  • Transportation equipment specifically for livestock waste tissue
  • Infrastructure upgrades directly related to livestock waste tissue disposal systems (E.g. concrete paved floors, covered area for existing facility to prevent run-off and manage odors, increased ventilation, drainage control systems)
  • Feasibility studies / needs assessments for tissue waste disposal (for not-for-profit organizations only)

Note: it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their project complies with applicable regulations (federal / provincial / environmental / other).

Eligible Costs

Funding is available to support BC abattoirs and meat processors to directly improve the accessibility and affordability of animal tissue waste disposal. More specifically, eligible costs include:

  • Capital expenditures (equipment etc.)
  • Labour for installation
  • Engineering/environmental assessments
  • Consultant fees for feasibility studies / needs assessments (for not-for-profit organizations only).

Ineligible Costs

Funding is not to be used for:

  • Project management, reporting and administration costs / costs not specifically required for the execution of the project
  • Multi-use items without a direct benefit to the project (e.g. tractors, trailers)
  • Producer and/or processor wages, salaries, benefits, stipends
  • Outright purchase or lease of land or buildings
  • Financing charges, loan interest payments, bank fees, and charges
  • Any cost, including a tax that is eligible for a rebate, credit or refund (including a refundable portion of the Government Sales Tax)
  • Gifts and incentives, permits and approvals, legal fees
  • Costs incurred before the approval of the project or after the project completion date
  • Costs related to activities that directly influence or lobby any level of government

Program Timeline

The application Window is now closed!

IAF is currently processing the applications received and will be in touch with applicants in due course.

All projects must be completed by September 30, 2021.

Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Eligibility and alignment to program purpose and objectives (40%)
  • Strength of the project framework (40%)
  • Resources to execute the project effectively (20%)

Ready to Apply?

The application window is now closed!

All projects must be completed by September 30, 2021


Livestock Waste Tissue Program Brochure

Download the program brochure for an overview of the Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative

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