Addressing climate change in BC agriculture, food & fisheries with genomic solutions.

Genome BC and IAF have partnered to develop the Genomic Innovation for Regenerative Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (GIRAFF) Program to co-invest in projects that will provide genomic solutions to support the BC agriculture, food and fisheries sectors in addressing climate change.

Regenerative agriculture and aquaculture use innovative approaches to increase resiliency, reduce and sequester greenhouse gases, and improve environmental sustainability of food production while restoring soil, water, and biodiversity health to improve ecosystem services. To support the transition to climate-smart food, genomic innovations in combination with other precision technologies will provide new tools and approaches to help the agriculture, food and fisheries sectors mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The program will focus on these three objectives:

Develop and deploy novel genomic technologies to optimize productivity and ensure sustainability in a changing climate.

Leverage innovative genomic solutions to improve the health of crops, livestock, fisheries and ecosystems impacted by climate change.

Support genomic innovations to reduce environmental impact.

The GIRAFF program aims to support a range of projects that address challenges in these sectors.

Applications for this program were accepted by Genome BC. Visit their website to learn more.

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