This program was created to help the BC industry develop enhanced on-farm biosecurity programs and an emergency response program that can be immediately activated to prevent a detected outbreak from spreading.


Funding is available for projects that address the following key activity areas identified in the Poultry Industry Biosecurity/Emergency Response Strategic Plan:

  • Implement enhanced biosecurity protocols
  • Develop an emergency response management plan that links to the provincial FADES plan
  • Develop an effective and comprehensive risk management program

Approval Process

Each project idea is carefully evaluated to determine:

  • How well it meets the goals and objectives outlined in the Poultry Industry Biosecurity/Emergency Initiative Strategic Plan
  • How well it meets IAF’s funding principles
  • The level of industry involvement and financial contribution
  • The level of support from other groups or agencies

Apply for Funding

Applications can be submitted at any time. Contact the Program Manager to find out more about funding requirements and upcoming deadlines, or to receive publications related to this initiative.

Coreen Moroziuk, M.Sc, P.Ag
Email: cmoroziuk(at)