The B.C. Agrifood and Seafood Market Development Program provides Federal and Provincial Government cost-shared funding support for B.C.’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors to undertake eligible domestic and export market development projects and activities.

The BCASMD Program enables industry to apply for cost-shared funding opportunities from preparing for business in domestic and international markets by acquiring marketing skills training, conducting market research and developing strategic plans to helping experienced exporters expand their markets and sales outside of B.C.

Eligible Applicants

Applicant organizations must have a head office or be registered in BC and market products grown or processed* in BC. Eligible participants are:

  • Primary agriculture producers (Please note that while agriculture producers are eligible for support, seafood producers (e.g. fishers and harvesters) are not eligible);
  • Agriculture, food & beverage processors and/or seafood processors;
  • Agriculture, food & beverage cooperatives; and
  • Recognized agriculture, food & beverage and seafood industry associations, boards or councils.

Producers, Processors and Cooperatives must have annual gross revenues greater than $30,000 in the most recent two years to be eligible for the program.

* BC processed food is any food, seafood or beverage product processed and packaged in BC with more than 85% of the product’s main ingredients produced in BC.  In cases where the main ingredients are not reasonably available in BC in sufficient quantities, the food must be processed and packaged entirely in BC.

Eligible Activities

Market Skills Training – Supporting the ability of permanent marketing staff within an eligible organization to complete eligible market skills train courses at qualified educational institutions. List of pre-qualified Marketing courses.

Marketing Information & Research – Identifying, analysing and understanding current and emerging opportunities in BC, across Canada and internationally by:

  • Contract pre-qualified consultants to conduct new market research studies (new research or analyzing secondary research); and/or
  • Purchase existing market information or market research studies from qualified market research firms (i.e. existing secondary market research).

Market Development Planning – Contracting pre-qualified consultants to develop marketing plans, export plans, or branding strategies for marketing in BC, across Canada or internationally.

Export Market Development Activities & Export-focused Marketing Collateral and Promotional Tools – Undertaking international and interprovincial* market development activities such as:

  • trade shows, food fairs, sales exhibitions;
  • trade missions and trade advocacy events;
  • market access activities;
  • buyers’ meetings/networking events;
  • in-store promotions/demonstrations; and/or
  • designing, developing, translating, printing/producing marketing collateral and promotional tools to promote specific products in export markets

*Due to funding agreement limitations, seafood processors/cooperatives/industry associations are not eligible for cost-shared funding support of interprovincial-focused market development activities.

For more information about eligible/ineligible activities: CAP-BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program FAQ

Available Funding and Cost-Sharing

Funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds have been fully allocated. Participants must contribute 50% in cash of the total project cost. In-kind contributions can be included as part of the overall project budget, but are not eligible for matching funding.


All Final Project Reports (including all receipted expenditures) must be completed and submitted within one month of project end date (your anticipated project completion date will be included in your application). The program will run from September 2018 – March 2023.

Application Process

There are five steps to apply for BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program funding:

  • Complete and Submit Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form)
  • Notice of Program Eligibility (provided by IAF). Note that confirmation of eligibility does not constitute funding approval.
  • Engage with a Pre-qualified consultant ( For Market Research and Market Development Planning applications)
  • Complete and Submit Part B of your Application (Project Details Form)
  • Confirmation of Project Approval

STEP 1: Confirm Your Eligibility (Part A)

If this is your first time applying to the program, complete Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) and submit your completed form to IAF at funding(at)

NOTE: There are two versions of Part A, one for Producers, Processors & Cooperatives and another for Industry Associations, Boards and Councils. Please ensure you are selecting the correct Part A.

Once submitted, Part A of the Application will be assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture to confirm your organization’s eligibility for cost-shared funding through the BC Agrifood and Seafood Market Development Program. If required, the Ministry will follow up with your organization directly to seek further information or clarification. You must provide all information requested in the application form to demonstrate your eligibility.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for Part A of the application to be reviewed and your eligibility confirmed.

Please note that applicants who re-apply to the Program will only be required to submit an updated Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) if there have been changes to the Designated Officer (e.g. CEO/Chairperson/President, Senior Final Officer/Treasurer, Executive Director, etc.) who signed the previously submitted application or if ownership of the business has changed.

STEP 2: Notice of Program Eligibility

Upon confirmation of eligibility by the Ministry, IAF will then provide your organization with written confirmation of program eligibility along with instructions to complete and submit Part B(s) of the Application (Project Details Form) to provide details on the specific project and activity(s) you are undertaking.

Please note that confirmation of eligibility (e.g. submission and approval of Part A of the Application) does not guarantee that your organization’s project will receive funding.  Funding decisions will be made by IAF based on the project details you provide in Part B of the Application.

Step 3:  Engage with a Pre-qualified consultant (Market Research and Market Development Planning Applications)

Upon written confirmation of program eligibility from IAF, your organization will contact one or more of the pre-qualified consultants to request a quote for services and discuss your project.

The pre-qualified consultant will provide you with a completed Project Overview Form that provides a description of project activities and associated costs. This information will help you complete Part B of the application form.

STEP 4: Submit Part B of the Application (Project Details Form)

Complete and submit a fully completed Part B of the Application (Project Details Form).

Based on a review of the information provided in the application, IAF may request further supplementary documentation, such as a marketing plan, to assist in making an approval decision.

All completed applications must be submitted via email to funding(at)  Applications will be accepted on an ongoing first come, first served basis until all program funding has been fully subscribed.

STEP 5: Confirmation Approval

The IAF board will meet to review applications and make funding decisions. Our directors are farmers and food processors from a variety of sectors who bring valuable expertise to the table. Rest assured your application will be considered by a knowledgeable panel of industry peers.

Following the adjudication of the applications IAF will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If your project is approved, you will receive confirmation with the details of the decision and any terms and conditions. For more information about the post-approval process: Post Approval


To apply for the BC Agrifood & Seafood Market Development Program please complete Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) and submit to IAF at funding(at) Please select one of the following:

Following the successful completion of Part A, IAF staff will provide Part B(s) of the Application (Project Details Form) directly to eligible participants.

Deadlines & FAQ

To be eligible for the funding adjudication, your completed Part B of the Application (Project Details Form) must be submitted to funding(at) by January 15, 2019, the next application deadline is March 26, 2019.

For more information: CAP-BC Agrifood & Seafood Marketing Development Program FAQ


Jaclyn Laic
Program Manager
Email: jlaic(at)
Phone: 778-227-7774