The Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative supports local governments in developing emergency response plans for livestock disposal in the event of a disease outbreak or other natural disaster.

Funding is available to help communities prepare plans for the efficient and safe disposal of all livestock carcasses generated during an emergency in BC.

Whether in response to disease outbreak or a natural disaster, disposal plans need to be implemented immediately and are to integrate local, regional, provincial and federal governments.

Approval Process

Each project idea is carefully evaluated to determine:

  • How well it meets Goals #4 and #6 of the Livestock Waste Tissue Strategic Plan
  • How well it meets IAF’s funding principles
  • The level of support from other groups or agencies

Apply for Funding

There are no deadlines for this program, applications can be submitted at any time. Contact the LWTI Coordinator to find out more about funding requirements and the application process, or to receive reports or publications related to this initiative.

Brian Baehr