The Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program has been renewed under the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership Agreement.

The CBCAIP allows industry, academia, value-added food processors, retailers and others to access funding for projects involving late-stage research; pilots and demonstrations; as well as the commercialization and adoption of innovative products, technologies and practices for the agriculture, food or agri-products sector.

Eligible Applicants

Applicant organizations must have a head office or be registered in BC. Eligible participants include:

  • BC agri-food sector producers and processors
  • Industry associations/organizations
  • Retails and food service businesses
  • Input, technology and support services providers
  • Academic institutions and/or other organizations and private sector businesses
  • Regional districts and local governments

Eligible Activities

Priority for funding will be given to funding activities identified to advance innovation and competitiveness in BC’s agriculture, food or agri-products sectors, and include:

  • Advancement in plant, animal and food science
  • Energy and waste management
  • New product development and commercialization
  • Improvements in soil, water and air quality
  • Climate change adaptation


Do I have to contribute my own money towards this project?
Yes.  CBCAIP is a cost-shared program. The base the cost-share is determined is from 50%. However, the range of cost share varies typically from an IAF contribution of 30% to 75% of cash costs. Factors that affect the ratio are; the level of innovation a project proposes, the amount of risk the innovation requires of the organization with its potential payback period, and how wide and significant the benefits of the project will be in terms of the organization, the sector and the BC economy.

What’s eligible/ineligible?
The program is intended to foster the creation and adoption of innovative technologies, processes and products in B.C. Funding is used to implement innovative projects as opposed to developing individual businesses or organizations. This means the operational costs of the business or organization are not eligible, only the incremental costs of the project.  Start-up or expansion costs also ineligible.  Due to the wide variety of projects, a definitive detailed list of eligible activities is impractical; however your Program Manager will be able to assist you in determining this.

How much funding can I ask for?
There is no specific cap on the amount of cost-shared funding that can be requested from the program. The overarching principle is that the cost of the project must be outweighed by its potential benefit in the next three to five years and the funding ratio reflects the scope of the innovation and its benefit.  Capital improvement and equipment costs are capped at $50,000.00. For more details speak to your Program Manager.

For more FAQ: CAP: Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program FAQ


Funding is expected to be cost-shared, with significant potential for net benefit to the industry or agri-food region of the province. Eligible projects may be funded up to 75% in cases where the potential benefit to industry is demonstrated to be substantial. This program cannot duplicate the federal AgriInnovate Program.


Applications deadlines:

  • November 16, 2018
  • February 8, 2019