The Bee BC Program offers funding to enhance bee health throughout the province.

The Bee BC Program provided up to $100,000 in funding over two years to support small scale regional/community-based projects to research, explore, field-test and share information about best management practices associated with bee health.

Program Objectives

The objective of the Bee BC Program is to enhance bee health throughout the province. Bee health is important, not only for the production of honey, but also for the contribution that bees make to the pollination of many crop species and to the wider environment.

The program will focus on assisting regional or community-based organizations, beekeeping associations and/or beekeepers to contribute to the overall health of bees in the Province.  Up to $5,000 per project is available through the Bee BC Program to assist with project costs. Participants must additionally contribute a minimum of 20% of funding requested from the Province – in-kind contributions are eligible (for the 20% portion).

Eligible Participants

  • Regional/community beekeeping associations or groups
  • Beekeepers with permitted hives
  • Groups of beekeepers with permitted hives working together
  • First Nations/Indigenous Peoples organizations

Eligible Projects

Eligible project activities include research, exploration, and field testing of bee health related best management practices.

  • Both conventional and new/innovative bee health best management practices are eligible.

Examples of eligible activities include:

  • purchasing a new piece of equipment and implementing it into your bee health strategy;
  • implementing a best management practice such as beehive equipment irradiation;
  • introducing pollen substitutes and/or supplements into your bee health strategy; and/or
  • seeding and planting new bee forage that offers nectar and pollen.

Ineligible Projects

Projects that are not directly focused on bee health, examples:

  • Regular activities related to commercial honey production
  • Business development activities
  • Marketing, promotional or market development activities

Regular or on-going maintenance of bee colonies

  • Such as the purchase of standard equipment to maintain a bee colony

Selection Criteria

In addition to eligibility criteria, selection criteria will take the following into consideration:

  • Alignment with the Bee BC Program objective.
  • Geographic representation: in selecting projects, IAF may select projects to represent BC’s different regions. Projects based in the same region may be encouraged to partner.
  • Projects which include partnerships with local, regional or First Nations governments may be prioritized.
  • Projects which engage youth may be prioritized.
  • Available funds


Please contact a Program Manager at funding(at) to start the application process or to learn more about program eligibility and requirements.

Application deadline: February 21, 2019

Note: All project must be completed by February 15, 2020.