The Agri-Food Environment Initiative (AEI) supports the agriculture and food processing industry in addressing environmental concerns while maintaining economic viability.

Funding is available for projects that deal with a wide range of environmental issues including, but not limited to, projects addressing impacts of agricultural practices on soil, air and water quality, conflicts with wildlife and wildlife habitat, conservation of water resources, use or re-use of agri-food by-products, and minimizing impacts of pesticides and other production inputs.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the AEI are to:

  • Enable the agri-food sector to participate in new and innovative ways to mitigate the impact of agriculture on the environment
  • Support projects intended to address emerging environmental issues
  • Enhance the ability of industry to engage the support and partnership of environmentally-oriented agencies and organizations
  • Encourage the agri-food industry in developing and adopting technological advances and practices that support environmental sustainability


  • Applicants should be agriculturally oriented or supported associations, groups or affiliated organizations (partnerships are encouraged)
  • Projects must address the challenges of mitigating environmental impacts caused by the agri-food sector
  • Projects must have the potential to benefit the sector beyond individual farms and be supported by industry organizations and environmental interests


  • Projects may be funded up to a maximum of 85% of eligible cash costs, depending on the level of anticipated benefit
  • Other project contributions must be derived from non-government sources
  • Projects that may result in significant financial benefits to the applicant may require a higher percentage of cost-sharing by the applicant

*Subject to available funds

  • Tips & Resources
  • Contact the AEI Program Manager to find out more about funding requirements, how to apply and the approval process:

    Brian Baehr
    Phone: 250.860.2967
    Email: aei(at)