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Simplifying Organic Certification


An innovative, province-wide online tool is now available for producers seeking organic certification! Thanks to a project led by the Certified Organic Associations of BC [...]

Simplifying Organic Certification2021-09-22T15:05:22-07:00

Hoof Health Pilot Paves Way for Dairy Cattle Welfare


As any dairy farmer knows, lameness is the most economically significant herd health and animal welfare issue facing producers. What is often less obvious is [...]

Hoof Health Pilot Paves Way for Dairy Cattle Welfare2021-09-22T15:12:11-07:00

Spreading the Word on Japanese Beetle


When the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) discovered Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) in Vancouver, the potential for economic and environmental damage posed by the invasive [...]

Spreading the Word on Japanese Beetle2021-09-22T15:16:45-07:00

Protecting the Future of Food & Farmland in Kelowna


The City of Kelowna is looking forward to their agricultural future, thanks to their newly updated ag plan. After an 18-month planning process and extensive [...]

Protecting the Future of Food & Farmland in Kelowna2018-04-12T10:33:28-07:00

Beyond the Market Gives a Hand Up to New Northern Farmers


Since 2010, Community Futures along the BC Highway 16 corridor has been working to support agricultural growth by building community and providing professional development for [...]

Beyond the Market Gives a Hand Up to New Northern Farmers2015-05-08T22:39:49-07:00

Good News for Dairy Cows & Farmers


Lameness is one of the most costly health problems affecting dairy cattle today. Not only will a dairy cow with lame, sore, infected feet produce [...]

Good News for Dairy Cows & Farmers2014-12-21T22:55:41-08:00

Sweet Tweet


Fresh may be best, but when it comes to strawberries, harvest time brings considerable challenges for growers. In BC, the strawberry harvest lasts for only [...]

Sweet Tweet2012-03-21T23:20:11-07:00

Hearty Winter Vegetables


Regarded within Central Kootenay as the core of agricultural activity, the Creston Valley has the potential to produce food for the entire Kootenay Region and [...]

Hearty Winter Vegetables2012-02-22T04:17:23-08:00

Improving Irrigation Uniformity


With no hands up, they knew something needed to be done. At the August 2009 Cranberry field day, cranberry growers learned about the importance of [...]

Improving Irrigation Uniformity2012-02-22T04:13:36-08:00

Adapting to Climate Change


When it comes to adapting to one’s environment, you can’t beat a farmer. Climate change, however, and its potential impact on food production, presents an [...]

Adapting to Climate Change2012-01-21T23:18:09-08:00
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