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Taking Action On Climate Change


With climate change front and centre on the international stage, communities across the globe are rallying to address one of the most pressing issues of [...]

Taking Action On Climate Change2021-08-24T12:25:00-07:00

Simplifying Organic Certification


An innovative, province-wide online tool is now available for producers seeking organic certification! Thanks to a project led by the Certified Organic Associations of BC [...]

Simplifying Organic Certification2021-09-22T15:05:22-07:00

New Ag Plan Offers Reason To Hope


When the Hope Food Collective undertook a Community Food Security Assessment in 2016, there was a clear and consistent message from residents seeking more local [...]

New Ag Plan Offers Reason To Hope2021-09-22T15:06:44-07:00

Blueberry Growers Defend Biodiversity


Indigenous to the Fraser Valley, Western Barn Owls can be a berry grower’s best friend, patrolling farm fields at night for voles and other unwelcome [...]

Blueberry Growers Defend Biodiversity2021-09-22T15:13:12-07:00

Food Hubs Help Meet Local Demand


In a survey of Cowichan Valley small and medium food businesses, farmers reported that they have trouble selling all their products, yet restaurants and stores [...]

Food Hubs Help Meet Local Demand2016-05-18T22:20:42-07:00

Beyond the Market Gives a Hand Up to New Northern Farmers


Since 2010, Community Futures along the BC Highway 16 corridor has been working to support agricultural growth by building community and providing professional development for [...]

Beyond the Market Gives a Hand Up to New Northern Farmers2015-05-08T22:39:49-07:00

Abbotsford Agriculture Strategy


Agriculture generates one out of every five jobs in Abbotsford and has a direct economic impact of $1.8 billion annually. With that many eggs in [...]

Abbotsford Agriculture Strategy2012-10-12T23:16:18-07:00

Okanagan Similkameen Reduces Ag Waste


Some projects are so successful, the benefits keep coming and new projects are born. That’s what’s happening in the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS). [...]

Okanagan Similkameen Reduces Ag Waste2012-02-22T04:14:56-08:00
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