Brewing Success in BC


The growth of the craft brewing, cider and distillery industries is no secret in B.C. The B.C. Government estimates the number of craft brewers in has more than doubled since [...]

Brewing Success in BC2016-08-02T22:07:54-07:00

Investigating the Feasibility of White Sturgeon Aquaponics


A recent project at Vancouver Island University is breathing new life into white sturgeon and improving the economics of aquaculture through the addition of aquaponics. White sturgeon are disappearing [...]

Investigating the Feasibility of White Sturgeon Aquaponics2016-07-02T22:04:12-07:00

Hard Ciders Transform Okanagan Apple Industry


The Dobernigg family has been growing apples in Vernon since 1948, but when the third generation took over the family business, they took a fresh [...]

Hard Ciders Transform Okanagan Apple Industry2016-04-18T22:17:13-07:00

Improving Water Buffalo Genetics


McClintock’s Farm is a dairy farm nestled in the heart of the Comox Valley, but you won’t find any cows here. Instead, Gerry and Val [...]

Improving Water Buffalo Genetics2016-03-18T22:15:21-07:00

Down Cows Relieved with Warm Bath


Weighing often more than 600kg, dairy cows can become victims of their own weight if they’re lying down too long after an injury or illness. [...]

Down Cows Relieved with Warm Bath2015-11-30T22:28:32-08:00

Commercializing Technology for Food Safety Planning


How can smaller players in the food industry assure their customers about the quality and safety of their products? Some are choosing Icicle, a cloud-based [...]

Commercializing Technology for Food Safety Planning2015-10-30T22:27:03-07:00

Pest Control on the Go


Precision agriculture isn’t just for cereal crops anymore. BC-based company, Semios is using wireless technology in orchards and vineyards to monitor pests and apply pheromones [...]

Pest Control on the Go2015-07-15T22:30:06-07:00

Assisting with New Product Commercialization


Three years and three projects after first connecting with IAF, Abbotsford-based Vitalus Nutrition has successfully developed and commercialized two new product lines under the Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program! Vitalus [...]

Assisting with New Product Commercialization2015-01-08T22:32:48-08:00

To Make it to Market


Agriculture is a growing industry. In 2012, British Columbia’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors generated $11.7 billion in combined gross revenues, with $2.5 billion worth [...]

To Make it to Market2014-02-21T23:04:34-08:00

Finding a Lactose-Free Solution


People who are lactose intolerant have trouble digesting lactose, the sugar in milk products. Because their bodies don’t produce enough of the enzyme that breaks [...]

Finding a Lactose-Free Solution2013-05-21T23:12:27-07:00
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