The information and application on this page applies to Producers, Processors and Cooperatives.

If you are an Industry Association, Board, or Council, Agriculture Fair or Farmers’ Market please visit this page.

Buy BC

There are four steps to apply for Buy BC Partnership Program cost-shared funding:

  1. Complete and Submit Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) and Buy BC Logo Licensing Application
  2. Notice of Program Eligibility (provided by IAF)
  3. Complete and Submit Part B of your Application (Project Details Form)
  4. Confirmation of Project Approval

Step 1: Confirm Your Eligibility (Part A)

If this is your first time applying to the program, complete Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) and submit your completed form to IAF at buybc(at)

Once submitted, Part A of the Application will be assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture to confirm your organization’s eligibility for cost-shared funding through the Buy BC Partnership Program.  If required, the Ministry will follow up with your organization directly to seek further information or clarification. You must provide all information requested in the application form to demonstrate your eligibility.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for Part A of the application to be reviewed and your eligibility confirmed.

If this is your first time applying to the Program, you will also be required to complete a Buy BC Logo Licensing Application to become licensed to use the Buy BC logo. Please note that all Program applicants must become licensed to use the Buy BC logo, and integrate the logo into their project materials, as a condition of receiving cost-shared funding. More information, including the certification license application for producers, processors, and cooperatives; visit Buy BC Logo Licensing.

Please note that applicants who re-apply to the Program will only be required to submit an updated Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form) if there have been changes to the Designated Officer (e.g. CEO/Chairperson/President, Senior Financial Officer/Treasurer, Executive Director, etc.) who signed the previously submitted Application, business ownership and/or the Applicant is seeking confirmation of eligibility for a higher level of cost-shared funding as a result of increased revenues (i.e. the Applicant’s annual revenues have increased sufficiently over two consecutive years, allowing them to qualify under a new applicant category; visit Buy BC Cost-Shared Funding for more information on applicant categories).

STEP 2: Notice of Program Eligibility

Upon confirmation of eligibility by the Ministry, IAF will then provide your organization with written confirmation of program eligibility along with instructions to complete and submit Part B of the Application (Project Details Form) to provide details on the specific project you are undertaking.

Please note that confirmation of eligibility (e.g. submission and approval of Part A of the Application) does not guarantee that your organization’s project will receive cost-shared funding.  Funding decisions will be made by IAF based on the project details you provide in Part B of the Application.

STEP 3: Submit Part B of the Application (Project Details Form)

Complete and submit a fully completed Part B of the Application (Project Details Form).

Please provide your Buy BC logo license number at this time. If this is your first time applying to the Program, please submit a completed Buy BC Logo Licensing Application prior to submitting Part B of your Cost-Shared Funding Application (Project Details Form).

Based on a review of the information provided in the application, IAF may request further supplementary documentation, such as a marketing plan, to assist in making an approval decision.

All completed applications must be submitted via email to buybc(at)  Applications will be accepted on an ongoing first come, first served basis until all program funding has been fully subscribed.

STEP 4: Confirmation of Approval

The IAF board will meet to review applications and make funding decisions. Our directors are farmers and food processors from a variety of sectors who bring valuable expertise to the table. Rest assured your application will be considered by a knowledgeable panel of industry peers.

Following the adjudication of the applications IAF will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If your project is approved, you will receive confirmation with the details of the decision and any terms and conditions. For more information about the post-approval process: Post Approval


To apply for the Buy BC Partnership Cost-Shared funding program please complete Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation Form), which will be reviewed by Ministry of Agriculture staff to confirm basic eligibility for the Program. Submit your completed Part A (Eligibility Confirmation Form) to IAF at buybc(at)

Following the successful completion of Part A and the Licensing Applications, IAF staff will provide Part B of the Application (Project Details Form) directly to eligible participants.

You must be licensed to use the Buy BC Logo to qualify for cost-shared funding. Please complete the Buy BC Logo Licensing Application to become authorized. If your Buy BC Partnership Program Cost-Share Funding Application is unsuccessful you may still be eligible to place the Buy BC logo on your products or packaging. For more information: Buy BC Logo Licensing


April 2, 2019: Part B of the Application (Project Details)

We recommend submitting your Part A of the Application 2-3 weeks prior to the Part B deadline.

NOTE: Please submit your Buy BC Logo Licensing Application PRIOR to submitting Part A of the Application (Eligibility Confirmation).

For more information

Please contact our Buy BC Partnership Program Coordinator

at buybc(at)