The Buy BC Partnership Program provides cost-shared funding and a recognizable Buy BC logo to help BC’s agrifood and seafood sector market their products and increase sales within BC.

The Buy BC Partnership Program is a key element of the enhanced Buy BC Program administered by IAF on behalf of the BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

The program is comprised of a logo licensing and a cost-shared funding component. It is designed to build consumer demand and increase BC agri-food and seafood competitiveness in the domestic market by supporting local marketing efforts in complement with a Buy BC brand.

**Applications for Buy BC logo license are on-going. New licensing applications or requests to amend products lists must be submitted no later than November 9, 2021 to be considered for the 2022-23 funding cycle.**

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Program Goals

The Buy BC Partnership Program aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enable industry to undertake sector or product-specific Buy BC marketing activities to increase local market share, product sales, and consumer awareness;
  • Ensure consumers can easily identify BC agri-food and seafood products at the point of sale;
  • Build and maintain Buy BC brand recognition; and
  • Build a greater awareness of and demand for, local food and beverage products across the province.

How it Works

The Program model is designed around two components – the Buy BC logo licensing component and the Buy BC cost-shared funding component.

Buy BC Logo Licensing

The Buy BC Logo Licensing component provides eligible BC producers, processors, industry associations, agricultural fairs, farmers’ markets, retailers, distributors, food hubs, wholesalers, and other non-profit food/seafood organizations with the opportunity to use the Buy BC logo for free on BC-wide marketing and promotional activities. The purpose of the logo is to make it easy for consumers to identify and support BC foods/beverages.

Important: Obtaining a logo license is a pre-requisite for the Cost-Shared Funding component of the program*.

Applications for Buy BC logo license are on-going.

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Buy BC Cost-Shared Funding

Once approved for a Buy BC logo license, select applicants can apply for cost-shared funding. Reference the table on the next page for details on applicant eligibility.

Eligible applicants who would like to access cost-shared funding must either register a new organization or update an existing organization on IAF’s online portal. The online portal is a new system and all clients, even if they have received funding from IAF in the past, must register their organization and complete an eligibility check before accessing the program application forms.

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Who’s Eligible?

The Buy BC Partnership Program helps B.C.-based companies and organizations carry out enhanced marketing and promotion by using the Buy BC brand.

Eligible for Buy BC Logo License Eligible for Cost-Shared Funding
Primary Agriculture and/or Seafood Producers
Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and/or Seafood Processors or Cooperatives
Industry Associations, Boards or Councils
Agriculture Fairs and/or Farmers’ Markets
Non-Profit Social Enterprises
Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and/or Seafood Retailers, Wholesalers, or Distributors
Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and/or Seafood Food Hubs and Processing Facilities  
Other Non-Profit Agriculture, Food and Beverage, and/or Seafood Organizations

Note: Includes growers, harvesters, ranchers and those producing fresh food, beverage, or agricultural and seafood products which are 100% grown, caught, or raised in BC

Ready to Apply?

Buy BC Logo Licensing

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Buy BC Cost-Shared Funding

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Buy BC Program Guide

Download the Buy BC Program Guide.


Buy BC Partnership Program Brochure

Download the Buy BC Brochure.


Government Website

Please visit the BC Government’s Buy BC website for information on other local marketing resources and initiatives.


Funding provided by:

CAP Logo, Province of BC Logo, Government of Canada Logo

Please note: the Government of BC may, from time to time, give instructions to IAF in relation to the delivery and administration of this program. IAF must and will comply with those instructions.