IAF and adaptation councils across Canada joined forces to enable the Quebec Food Processors’ Association to produce the Salt Reduction Guide for the Food Industry.

According to Small Scale Food Processor Association executive director, Candice Appleby, it’s a valuable resource for food processors looking to develop sodium-reduced products.

Health Canada warns that a high sodium diet poses a serious health risk and that Canadians consume twice the sodium they should. Processed foods are the source of three quarters of the sodium consumed and therefore the food industry will play a key role in reducing salt intake amongst Canadians.

However, reformulating products is challenging since salt changes the taste, texture and appearance of food, as well as acting as a preservative.

“The guide provides an objective, easy to read and balanced presentation of the challenges and issues surrounding the salt issue. In particular, there is an excellent reference table for potential salt substitutes,” adds Dave Eto, president of the BC Food Processors’ Association.

The guide – designed with small and mid-sized companies in mind – is available online at www.foodtechcanada.ca.

Funding for this project was provided through former federal adaptation programming (W0124 QT1268CO).