Farming has a rich history in Delta, and has long been a driver in the community’s economy.

Today, farming is still a significant activity in the area, but farmers are challenged by competing demands for use of the land, loss of processing capacity and the need for infrastructure improvements.

In 2010, the Corporation of Delta commissioned the development of an Agricultural Plan to support agriculture and integrate the sector more closely with the community by supporting the implementation of agricultural policies contained in the municipality’s Official Community Plan (OCP).

With financial support through IAF and the guidance of the Agricultural Advisory Committee, Delta worked through a two-year process of research and consultation with industry and the public to develop a plan that would help achieve their goal to create “a place where the business of farming can prosper while contributing to the community’s ecological attributes and social, cultural and economic well-being.”

The plan, adopted in October 2011, identifies 29 highest-priority recommended actions to address four key areas.

The strategy also addresses areas and recommends partners to work together in dealing with some of the broader challenges that are beyond the scope of farmers.

In the first year of implementation, the Agriculture Plan has already resulted in a new bylaw limiting soil deposit and removal on farmland, and a pilot project on potential climate change adaptation strategies for agriculture.

“This plan provides a framework for farmers, government, industry and the community to work together to protect and enhance agriculture in Delta with a strong emphasis on maintaining the economic viability of farming,” said Mayor Lois E. Jackson.  “I am very pleased with the input received while creating the plan and look forward to continued work towards the plan’s implementation.”

Funding: $30,000 provided through the former federal-provincial Safety Nets framework. (B0016.22)