The following projects were completed in 2015.

B0016.41 Southern Gulf Islands Agricultural Land Use Inventory Capital Regional District 14,124.00 SNF
A0716 E-learning: Pilot project for blueberry growers in BC BC Blueberry Council 42,000.00 SNF
INN077 The Development of Tissue Culture Micro-propagation for Organic Greenhouse Production ProgenyBio Agricultural Services Inc. 60,000.00 CBCAIP
INN076 Development and demonstration of agricultural and pilot-scale processing practices for a rubber-bearing plant in British Columbia Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc. 125,000.00 CBCAIP
INN089 Reducing the amount of volatile acidity in wine The University of British Columbia 103,294.50 CBCAIP
INN116 SP New Innovations in the Tree Fruit Industry in Europe Calissi Farms Inc. 6,005.50 CBCAIP
INN123 Enterra Natural Fertilizer (Insect Digestate) as an Organic Wireworm Control Enterra Feed Corporation 98,030.00 CBCAIP
INN135 SP Thermal energy storage using eutectic salts to extend greenhouse viability Carmenia Farm 2,138.00 CBCAIP
A0767 Apple Clearwing Moth – Survey of a New Invasive Pest BC Fruit Growers’ Association 31,039.80 SNF
INN155 SP High Tunnel House for Red Currants Berry Treasure Farm Ltd. 10,000.00 CBCAIP
INN180 Evaluation of Spark™ Treatment on Eliminating Pathogens and Pests on Greenhouse Surfaces Tech Mist Spray Solutions, Inc. 198,131.00 CBCAIP
EX083 BC Tree Fruits 2014 Crop Year Export Program BC Tree Fruits Cooperative 20,400.00 EX
EX090.01 Fruit Logistica Berlin 2015 Jealous Fruits Ltd. 3,475.00 EX
EX091 Promotion of BC Fruit Varieties Summerland Varieties Corp. 24,320.00 EX
EX103 US Marketing Development Black Hills Estate Winery 3,300.00 EX
EX104 US Marketing Development Le Vieux Pin Winery 6,050.00 EX
EX105 US Market Development Painted Rock Estate Winery Ltd. 6,050.00 EX
EX128 Foodex Japan 2015 & Trade Missions in Asia Greenhouse Grown Foods Inc (dba Windset Farms) 24,405.00 EX
EX146 Increasing Exports of BC Hot House Products and Evaluating New Export Opportunities BC Hot House Foods Inc 4,718.50 EX
INN215 SP Polyoxin D for Greenhouse Tomato Integrated Disease Management BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association 7,370.00 CBCAIP
INN216 SP Polyoxin D for Greenhouse Cucumber Integrated Disease Management BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association 7,370.00 CBCAIP
BL122 BC Blueberries Fresh Season Consumer Outreach Campaign BC Blueberry Council 50,000.00 BL
EX157.02 PMA Fresh Summit – Atlanta, Georgia Jealous Fruits Ltd. 16,750.00 EX
EX157.03 China and Vietnam Market Tour Jealous Fruits Ltd. 9,700.00 EX
EX157.06 Thailand retail store promotion 2015 Jealous Fruits Ltd. 4,250.00 EX
EX157.07 Asia Fruit Logistica Jealous Fruits Ltd. 4,300.00 EX
EX159 New York Media Marketplace and Beard House, with BCWI Nk’Mip Cellars Inc. 3,700.00 EX
EX174 Attend ANUGA Trade Show, October 2015 Sunshine Foragers Ltd 3,462.50 EX
INN238 SP Off-Grid, Solar Powered Wild Mushroom Dehydrator Gather Harvest Company 9,600.00 CBCAIP
EX197 International Pinot Noir Celebration and Vinum Portfolio Tasting Meyer Family Vineyards Inc. 3,550.00 EX
EX200 PMA Fresh Summit and Related Activities The Oppenheimer Group 47,200.00 EX
EX216 Asia Fruit Logistica 2015 Misty Mountain Industries Ltd 3,975.00 EX
EX217 Asia Fruit Logistica 2015 Greenhouse Grown Foods Inc (dba Windset Farms) 4,225.00 EX
EX219 California Bay Area On-Premise Wine Promotion Meyer Family Vineyards Inc. 1,950.00 EX
EX226 VIP Event and Custom Agricultural Seminar for Florida Trade Mission BC Hop Company Ltd. 4,750.00 EX
EX229 Wine Sales & Market Development for Terrabella Wineries in China Terrabella Wineries Ltd. 3,650.00 EX
EX237 Asia Marketing and Sales Development Enotecca Wineries and Resorts Inc. 11,050.00 EX
INN080 Transforming the Okanagan Apple Sector through Hard Cider & Blends The BX Press Inc. 46,451.00 CBCAIP
INN082 Investigating insecticidal activity of unique lavender oils and expanding genetic resources for lavenders The University of British Columbia 120,500.00 CBCAIP
INN091 Birch Sap G.O. Water Inc. 81,606.00 CBCAIP
INN108 BC Fruit and Veg – Stabilised, dried and value added North of 49 Naturals Inc. 170,000.00 CBCAIP
INN122 Natural Sweeteners Encapsulated Pilot NutraEx Food Inc. 75,000.00 CBCAIP
INN124 Pilot project for the development of ketone substrate edible oils Alpha Health Products Ltd. 117,410.40 CBCAIP
EX052 Export Marketing Expansion Plan for Asia Bremner Foods Ltd. 8,220.00 EX
EX062 Hardbite Export Development Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. 19,775.00 EX
EX065 Develop Export market for wine products from BC Wine Studio BC Wine Studio, a subsidiary of Artisan Food and Beverage Group Inc. 5,671.87 EX
EX067 In-market & In-region Export Tactics for the Hong Kong & US Pacific Northwest British Columbia Wine Institute Society 28,017.00 EX
EX069 HolyCrap – USA and International (2014-15) HapiFoods Group Inc. 12,795.00 EX
EX078 Export BC agriculture products to mainland China Arcadia Trading Inc. 27,591.50 EX
EX096 DeeBee’s Special Tea Foods Export Launch Initiative DeeBee’s Special Tea Foods Ltd. 23,100.00 EX
EX098 Prowein Meyer Family Vineyards Inc. 9,085.00 EX
EX099 US Marketing Development Laughing Stock Vineyards 14,550.00 EX
EX100 ProWine – Shanghai Averill Creek Vineyard 6,500.00 EX
EX111 Elevate the World Prosnack Natural Foods Inc 15,125.00 EX
EX118 Jiva Organics Manufacturing & Distributing Inc. Jiva Organics Manufacturing & Distributing Inc. 19,960.00 EX
EX120 Burrowing Owl Estate Winery – AgriExport Application – ProWein Burrowing Owl Vineyard Ltd. 8,750.00 EX
EX124 Expo West 2015 Tradeshow Exhibition Herbaland Naturals Inc. 17,125.00 EX
EX127 Howe Sound Brewing Eastern United Staters Export Promotion Howe Sound Brewing Company Ltd 11,400.00 EX
EX079.02 International Marketing Collateral Big Mountain Foods 10,507.50 EX
EX134 US Export Expansion Meyer Family Vineyards Inc. 2,550.00 EX
EX066.02 Developing Export Market for BC Wines Kalala Organic Vineyards Ltd. 10,250.00 EX
EX138 Increasing trade marketing of Soyganic Smoked tofu into the U.S. market Sunrise Soya Foods 26,325.00 EX
EX139 Korean Trade Missions Trip with Agri-Foods Canada Han-Ka Export-Import Ltd. 3,400.00 EX
EX141 BC Wine in NYC – Media and Trade Event to Promote BC Wine Tantalus Vineyards 1,312.50 EX
EX142 Hardbite Export Development II Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. 17,900.00 EX
BL055 Increase sales in BC both overall and in our highest margin BC distribution channels Laughing Stock Vineyards 17,169.50 EX
EX144 Chengdu Food & Drink Fair 2015 Averill Creek Vineyard 8,700.00 EX
EX145 New York Event for BC Wine Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars 2,797.00 EX
EX147 Natural Products Expo West Kaslo Sourdough 5,450.00 EX
EX143 Vista D’Oro Export Program X Vista D’Oro Farms Ltd 12,600.00 EX
EX150 Canada House Official Re-Opening Events – London UK Clos du Soleil Winery Inc. 1,425.00 EX
EX143.02 VISTA D’ORO EXPORT PROGRAM XI Vista D’Oro Farms Ltd 6,250.00 EX
EX155 UK Wine Market at Canada House, London Averill Creek Vineyard 5,350.00 EX
EX158 VISTA D’ORO EXPORT PROGRAM XII Vista D’Oro Farms Ltd 28,400.00 EX
EX160 Canada Media Marketplace & James Beard House Dinner – New York Laughing Stock Vineyards 550.00 EX
EX161 Fancy Food Show – New York – June 25 to June 30, 2015 Trumps Food Interests Ltd. 7,200.00 EX
EX162 Canada Media Marketplace/ James Beard House NYC Tinhorn Creek Vineyards 1,237.50 EX
EX165 Canada Media Market Place & James Beard House BC Wine Event British Columbia Wine Institute Society 8,350.00 EX
EX169 In market visit & trade/media events in NYC Quails’ Gate Estate Vineyards Ltd. 2,271.50 EX
BL126 Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery: developing a buy local campaign Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery Inc. 7,742.50 BL
EX170 Golden Bonbon Asti Holdings Ltd 12,203.50 EX
EX153.02 Export Marketing Expansion Plan for Asia and US Bremner Foods Ltd. 5,125.00 EX
EX171 International Activity, Prosnack Natural Foods Inc. Prosnack Natural Foods Inc 9,087.50 EX
EX172 Bringing Canuck Brewing to Shanghai Canuck Empire Brewing Company 1,511.10 EX
EX173 Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2015 The Chai Company 4,675.00 EX
EX179 Developing Export Market for BC Wine Kalala Organic Vineyards Ltd. 5,075.00 EX
EX188 Taste of Canada Show Case Season-5, Denver, Colorado, US Gourmet Savories Inc. 2,230.00 EX
INN244 SP Freeze/Thaw Study for JillyV’s Yogurt-based Jumpstarter JillyV’s Enterprises Ltd. 8,263.00 CBCAIP
EX196 Expanding Export Market for BG Health Flaxseed Oil Products BG Health Group Inc. 20,200.00 EX
EX203 HolyCrap – International HapiFoods Group Inc. 5,300.00 EX
EX204 ANUGA Germany Trumps Food Interests Ltd. 1,930.45 EX
EX205 Marah Natural Brand Awareness Middle East market developing plan Marahdeo Holdings 6,837.00 EX
EX208 Export Canadian Wines to Hong Kong, Macau and re-export to China Ozen Holdings Ltd. 8,950.00 EX
EX207 Natural Products Expo East Exhibiting Hidden Garden Foods Ltd. 5,225.00 EX
EX215 Nanjing Food and Drink Fair , 2015 Averill Creek Vineyard 5,100.00 EX
EX221 Sea Cider USA Export Development via Tradeshow & In-market Visit to Washington Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse 2,525.00 EX
EX220 Celebration of BC Wine Industry British Columbia Wine Institute Society 6,400.00 EX
EX234 Anuga 2015, from October 10 – 14, 2015 Everfresh Foods Inc. 11,850.00 EX
EX236 FHC Shanghai 2015 Han-Ka Export-Import Ltd. 1,900.00 EX
EX247 Canadian Dragon Trading Company 2015 Marketing and Business Development Funding Application – Northern China Canadian Dragon Trading Company Ltd. 4,300.00 EX
EX249 TCC at ESC2015 The Chai Company 5,425.00 EX
S0007 BC Farm Animal Care Initiative Phase II – Implementing the Strategic Plan BC Agricultural Research & Development Corp. 519,351.00 ACAAF
INN105 Investigating Benefits of Supplementing Broiler Chicken Pellets with Poultry Litter Biochar BC Agricultural Research & Development Corp. 34,500.00 CBCAIP
A0752 Systemizing the control BC’s #1 dairy hoof health problem – Digital Dermatitis BC Dairy Association 38,800.00 SNF
AIP012 Increasing the effectiveness of the BC Industry Poultry Emergency Response Plan BC Poultry Association 14,235.00 PIB/ERP
INN112 Demonstration of Aerial Infrared Thermography for Improved Cattle Management Thompson Rivers University 112,200.00 CBCAIP
INN131 Development of a 100% Locally Sourced BC Raw Pet Food Line BC Association of Abattoirs 198,000.00 CBCAIP
INN132 Development of an Added “Marketplace” feature to BC BeefNET BC Association of Abattoirs 264,900.00 CBCAIP
A0769 Viability Initiative – Federally Inspected Beef Packing Plant in BC BCCA Program Delivery Inc. 114,500.00 SNF
EX057 BC Wild Salmon Export Development British Columbia Salmon Marketing Council 29,947.50 EX
RA CB02 Cooperative maintenance and enhancement of agriculturally significant dams Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association 43,000.00 CCAP
A0781 Dairy Stockmanship and Cattle Handling Training for BC Dairy Producers BC Dairy Association 8,425.00 ACAAF
EX092.02 Develop new business in emerging markets for BC seafood Pacific Rim Shellfish (2003) Corp. 3,550.00 EX
LWTI100 2014 Avian Influenza Outbreak After-Action Debrief and Report Risk Reduction Strategies 8,372.00 LWTI
EX213 Food & Hotel (FHC) China – (Shanghai) Pacific Rim Shellfish (2003) Corp. 5,250.00 EX
INN090 Demonstrating the beneficial effect of Hen egg-white Lysozyme as a feed additive for honey bee colonies Neova Technologies Inc 167,170.00 CBCAIP
INN092 Innovation in Cultured Dairy Processing to Increase BC Dairy Consumption Canadian Cultured Dairy Inc. 171,850.00 CBCAIP
INN098 Commercialization of Innovative Products, Technologies and Practices for SME Cheese Processors Terroir Cheese Ltd. 250,000.00 CBCAIP
INN130 SP Practical application of AI in Asian Water Buffalo G G McClintock 5,000.00 CBCAIP
INN134 BC Beef Quality Information System – Pilot Auditing Program BC Association of Abattoirs 50,365.06 CBCAIP
EX116 Pork Jerky export initiative Made-Rite Meat Products LP 16,500.00 EX
EX126 Golden Eagle Aquaculture Tradeshows Golden Eagle Aquaculture Inc. 20,175.00 EX
EX135 30 years of SOO Jerky – Beyond Canada Soo Jerky Ltd 8,197.50 EX
EX136 Developing Export Markets for Freeze-Dried Petfood Canature Processing Ltd. 6,800.00 EX
SP233 BC Dairy EXPO Keynote Presentation BC Dairy Association 2,075.00 SNF
EX178 International Media Mission to BC Shellfish & Seafood Trade Exposition BC Salmon Farmers Association 33,450.00 EX
EX194 Developing Export Markets for Freeze-Dried Pet Food – Part 2 Canature Processing Ltd. 7,350.00 EX
EX244 Chinese Market Research 2015 for First Nations Seafood Branding First Seas Seafood Ltd. 4,825.00 EX
A0560 Agricultural Organization Stewardship – Getting it Right BC Council of Marketing Boards 129,700.00 ACAAF
A0638 Voluntary Pricing Project for Anaerobic Digestion Electricity in BC BC Agricultural Research & Development Corp. 205,000.00 SNF
A0684.02 Research and demonstration of re-vegetation of disturbed land by oil and gas activities Peace River Forage Association of BC 86,540.00 SNF
A0745 ES Building Wealth through Agriculture Seabird Island Band 45,000.00 AFFF
INN083 Developing new BC native fungal and viral microbial biocontrol products: pilot stage Kwantlen Polytechnic University 122,120.00 CBCAIP
INN100 Stimulating Healthy Eating Pilot Program – food industry action towards nutritional improvement BC Food Processors Association 85,000.00 CBCAIP
RA CW04 Extreme weather events preparedness & mitigation pilot project Phase 2 Cowichan Valley Regional District 13,125.00 CCAP
INN125 Commercialization of the Icicle Food Safety Platform Burton Software Inc. 104,665.00 CBCAIP
EX054 Vista D’oro Export Program II Vista D’Oro Farms Ltd 18,500.00 EX
EX056 U.S. Export Market Development Tartine Tarts Inc. 21,225.00 EX
RA CW06 Integrated Farm Water Planning Pilot (Phase 2) Cowichan Valley Regional District 90,300.00 CCAP
RA DL07 Flooding preparedness and mitigation pilot project (Phase 2) Delta Farmers’ Institute 55,500.00 CCAP
EX063 Mission to Texas for Business Development FX-Foods Inc. 14,323.00 EX
EX075 International Export Plan for Smart Soup Global Gourmet Foods Inc. 44,500.00 EX
RA DL09 Delta drainage and sub-irrigation project Delta Farmers’ Institute 27,500.00 CCAP
SP227 Grasslands Summit Grasslands Conservation Council of BC 9,806.00 SNF
EX094 Everfresh Foods Inc. further develops their export sales into China and U.A.E./Oman Everfresh Foods Inc. 24,400.00 EX
EX117 Business Development in the US Brockmann’s Chocolate Inc. 6,084.01 EX
RA DL06 Forum: Agricultural vulnerabilities to coastal flooding in BC’s Lower Mainland Delta Farmers’ Institute 6,483.00 CCAP
EX129 Winter Fancy Food Show 2015 Gourmet Savories Inc. 4,300.00 EX
EX130 Exporting Craving Asian Foods Craving Asian Foods Inc. 4,850.00 EX
EX075.04 International Export Plan for Smart Soup Global Gourmet Foods Inc. 1,800.00 EX
EX137 Funding application for Japan Cheena Canada Ltd 34,300.00 EX
EX121.02 Golden Bonbon Asti Holdings Ltd 6,466.67 EX
SP231 Organic Processors Online Resource Toolkit Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia 8,000.00 SNF
EX166 2015 Seoul Food & Hotel Show Han-Ka Export-Import Ltd. 3,450.00 EX


INN Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture through the Growing Forward 2 Initiative)
EX BC Agrifoods Export Program (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture through the Growing Forward 2 Initiative)
LWTI Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture)
AI-CA (PBERI) Poultry Biosecurity & Emergency Preparedness Initiative (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture)
SNF former federal/provincial Safety Nets framework
ACAAF Advanced Canadian Agriculture & Agri-Food Program (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
AFFF Agrifood Futures Fund, a trust funded under the former federal-provincial Safety Nets framework
AQUA Aquaculture Innovation Fund (BC Ministry of Agriculture)
BL BC Government’s Buy Local Program (BC Ministry of Agriculture)
CAAP former federal Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada)
CCAP Climate Change Adaptation Program (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture through the Growing Forward 2 Initiative)