“ Funding support from the IAF has been instrumental in helping us build industry capacity, connect chefs, retailers and consumers directly to the producer with improved ordering systems, and raise awareness about the many benefits of buying local B.C. meats.” Nova Woodbury, Executive Director, BC Association of Abattoirs

There are a growing number of B.C. consumers wanting to buy locally grown and produced food, but until recently, there was nothing to differentiate meat that was raised and processed in B.C. Now, consumers can be assured the meat they are buying are truly B.C. by looking for “100% B.C. Beef” and “Premium B.C. Lamb.” With funding from the B.C. Government’s Buy Local program, the B.C. Association of Abattoirs (BCAA) designed and produced branding tools such as product labels, in store signage, and flyer ads to establish and grow these brands. 

The 100% B.C. Beef brand allows retail and food service partners to further differentiate B.C. beef from that which is processed in other provinces. The brand was launched early in 2015 and formally recognized in the fall of 2015 when the Chef Alessandro Vianelloof the ARC Restaurant in the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver visited a local ranch as part of a partnership brand awareness campaign.

The B.C. Sheep Federation (BCSF) also needed to differentiate B.C. lamb to the consumers who are willing to pay a premium for locally produced and processed meats. BCAA worked with BCSF to develop the requirements for a “Premium B.C. Lamb” brand. The banners and other material are not only being used at food trade shows, but they are also a huge hit at farmer events, encouraging sheep farmers to differentiate their product with the brand. 

The BCAA is very pleased with the success of these brands.

“Our B.C. Meats program continues to grow and our buyers keep asking for more” states Nova Woodbury, executive director for BCAA. “Since these brands have launched, we have had a steady increase in orders through our 100% B.C. Beef online ordering tool, and expect the number of regular customers that buy local B.C. meats to grow significantly. We hope to launch a ‘Premium B.C. Poultry’ brand in 2016.”

FUNDING: $49,650 (BL065) and $30,550 (BL108) through the BC Government’s Buy Local Program.