The 2012/13 recipient of the Foundation’s award for innovation was Dr. Jim Thompson, Professor and Director of the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre.

Dr. Thompson was recognized for his pioneering efforts in creating and developing the Centre, a contribution which has yielded significant advancements for dairy cattle science and practice in BC and beyond.

“It is very gratifying to be recognized for my efforts with the Centre,” remarks Dr. Thompson. “Taking the vision from concept to reality has been an incredible journey, and the rewards of witnessing dairy cattle practice improve in the province are ongoing.”

A self-sustaining operation that supports the development and adaptation of new technologies for the dairy industry, the Centre is not just unique to BC, but remains unparalleled on an international scale. 

The facilities are designed to support research and teaching in the areas of cattle reproduction, nutrition, housing, welfare, and nutrient and energy recovery from manure.

Beyond helping individual producers implement best practices on their farms, the work undertaken by Dr. Thompson and his colleagues helps inform industry standards. In fact, many of the recommendations in the Dairy Farmers and Canada National Code of Practice are based on this research.

The Centre is also a key resource for public education about the dairy industry, hosting thousands of visitors every year, including schools, community groups and individuals.