AgriChain, powered by IAF, is a certification verification tool that uses blockchain technology. AgriChain allows consumers and associations to verify certification credentials.

About the Project

Realizing the potential benefits for the agriculture sector, IAF has begun the development of AgriChain, an agriculture-specific blockchain designed to help the sector take advantage of this innovative technology.

With the ever-growing use of digital solutions in our everyday lives, both personal and business, innovative security options are a necessity to keep data and information safe, private, and trustworthy. Blockchain technology provides a transparent and safe means to store, validate and protect information. Blockchain technology is well-established with cryptocurrency transactions and offers significant value in other areas, such as credential verification, certification status and public trust models.

In the coming year, IAF will be exploring the potential uses for this technology with both the Province of BC and select industry groups. While this project is in its early stages, IAF hopes to pilot this program with an agricultural certification in 2023.

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What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a system of decentralized record-keeping for a particular data set. A blockchain is structured so that data cannot be falsely altered. That’s because, instead of the data owner tending to the only copy of its data, everyone has an identical copy of the blockchain data. To add another ‘block’ of data to the blockchain, all members of the chain must agree on the data and ‘vote’ it into being. If a change is enacted, that block of data is ‘chained’ to the rest of the blockchain, creating an ongoing and inalterable history of the data.

AgriChain uses this technology to create blockchain certifications. A certification claim can be verified by the blockchain, increasing trust in the certificate and preventing false claims.

Benefits of AgriChain

How Does AgriChain Work?