Best Mulching Practices for Blueberries


In blueberry production, mulches create an optimum environment for root growth and help control weeds. But not all mulches are created equal. Wherever blueberries are [...]

Best Mulching Practices for Blueberries2012-12-22T04:05:41-08:00

Breeding Exceptional Bees


“The Saskatraz project has been very successful at breeding [honeybees] for increased honey production, wintering ability, tracheal mite and chalk brood resistance. Our stock demonstrates [...]

Breeding Exceptional Bees2012-11-22T04:04:43-08:00

Abbotsford Agriculture Strategy


Agriculture generates one out of every five jobs in Abbotsford and has a direct economic impact of $1.8 billion annually. With that many eggs in [...]

Abbotsford Agriculture Strategy2012-10-12T23:16:18-07:00

Reaping What They Show with Crop Rotation


Crop rotation is the growing of “break crops” in the same field in sequential seasons. This practice yields a variety of benefits, from preventing the [...]

Reaping What They Show with Crop Rotation2012-09-22T04:00:30-07:00

This Little Lamb Went to Market


Consumer cravings for healthy, convenient products have recently given lamb unprecedented popularity within Canada. Despite this demand, the Canadian lamb producers’ share of its own [...]

This Little Lamb Went to Market2012-06-22T04:02:37-07:00

Looking for a Silver Bullet for Silver Scurf


Silver scurf is a major concern for potato growers in the Lower Mainland. The fungus infects potatoes before harvest, and once they are harvested and [...]

Looking for a Silver Bullet for Silver Scurf2012-05-22T03:58:33-07:00

Improving Soil Quality


Cows give us a lot. Not only do they turn some of what they eat into milk or protein, but even the stuff that passes [...]

Improving Soil Quality2012-05-22T03:54:30-07:00

BC Corn Hybrid Trials Yield Results


For farmers and ranchers in BC, choosing the best performing corn varieties for silage can be a challenge. Global seed companies develop hundreds of new [...]

BC Corn Hybrid Trials Yield Results2012-04-22T03:57:01-07:00

Let Your Eco-Conscience Be Your Guide


When it comes to environmental sustainability, being a good steward can be a win-win situation. An industry that positions itself as a leader in eco-friendliness [...]

Let Your Eco-Conscience Be Your Guide2012-04-21T23:21:04-07:00

A New Public Market for Victoria


In the spring of 2013, a new permanent farmers’ market will become a destination for locals and tourists in downtown Victoria, thanks in part to [...]

A New Public Market for Victoria2012-03-22T03:55:45-07:00
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