A dedicated team of professionals and administrators manages IAF’s day-to-day operations. If you are not sure who to speak to, please contact our office through the general contact info below and we’ll get you to the right person.

General Contact Information

Mail PO Box 8248 Victoria, BC V8W 3R9
Courier 3rd Floor, 808 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8W 2Z7
Phone 250.356.1662 Fax 250.953.5162 General inquiries about funding funding(at)iafbc.ca All other inquiries info(at)iafbc.ca

Executive Director

Peter Donkers
T 250.356.6654 E pdonkers(at)iafbc.ca
The thing that I love most about what I do, is that I get to work with really interesting producers and processors who are on the leading edge of the agri-food industry. I’m extremely proud of the work that we do here at IAF and the impact that our funding has had on helping the sector innovate and grow.  2016 is my 11th year as Executive Director and I can honestly say that – every day – I am grateful for the support that I receive from IAF’s Directors, the wonderful people that I work with day-in and day-out, and our colleagues at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the BC Ministry of Agriculture. When I’m not working,  you would find me on the ski hill or bicycle touring, both of which eat up enough calories so that I can truly enjoy BC’s fabulous food, beer and wine.


Kelsi Stiles Communications Team Lead (on leave)
T 250.356.1772 E kstiles(at)iafbc.ca

Franya Jedwab Communications Assistant
Working on a funded project? For funding acknowledgement guidelines, to request funding acknowledgement logos or to submit communication materials for approval, contact Franya Jedwab.
E communications(at)iafbc.ca
I have always said that I am a life-long learner, and within the last few years of juggling a family, working on an MA in counselling psychology, and learning alongside a fabulous team at the Investment Agriculture Foundation, life has been rich and full! I am proud to be part of an exciting team, working with such passionate growers and entrepreneurs, and privileged to learn together, expanding ideas and businesses.

Sarah Rostami Communications Officer
T 250.356.1772 E srostami@iafbc.ca
For marketing or advertising inquiries please contact Sarah Rostami.


Program Delivery

Coreen Moroziuk, M.Sc, P.Ag Senior Program Manager, serving clients in the Lower Mainland (Sunshine Coast to Chilliwack)
T 604.492.2674 E cmoroziuk(at)iafbc.ca
What I love about being with IAF is that I get to work with such dedicated and talented people to make a difference, both with fellow staff and our directors who represent the diversity of BC’s ag sectors.   With the new projects and programs, “there’s never a dull moment!”   I’m family focussed and enjoy horseback riding and am attempting to learn to golf.

Alana Wilson, M.Sc, P.Ag Program Manager (On Leave)

Brian Baehr, P.Ag Agri-Food Environment Initiative Coordinator /  Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative Coordinator
T 250.860.2967 E bbaehr(at)iafbc.ca
Many of the applications that come across my desk are like puzzles when it comes to objectives, partners, eligibilities, timelines and a dozen other factors. Fortunately puzzles are my thing which is why I also enjoy piecing together complicated vacation itineraries for my wife and I. Hotels, transportation (of all types), transfers, events, tours or cruises all need to come together at the right time just like an application to IAF. My other favourite pastime is golf but that’s much more of a puzzle than any of the others.

Donna Anaka, B.Comm. Buy Local Program Coordinator, serving clients across British Columbia.
T 604.329.2290 E danaka(at)iafbc.ca
Donna was born and raised in Vancouver and loves local food. Over the past twenty years, she has worked on a wide variety of buy local initiatives with BC’s agrifood and seafood industry. Donna describes herself as an avid “foodie” having a healthy appetite for tasty local foods and interesting wines. She enjoys working with a broad spectrum of producers and processors and others responsible for bringing local food from the gate to the plate. In her spare time, Donna enjoys cooking, travel, golf and master swim-workouts (required to burn off excess calories!).

Finance & Administration

Daina Rozitis, CPA, CMA Manager, Finance & Operations
T 250.952.0870 E drozitis(a)iafbc.ca
As a born and bred fruit grower who left the farm to become an Accountant (!?!), I was thrilled to join IAF and get back into the agriculture and food scene. Originally from Ontario, I still delight in sending my friends photos of early spring flowers and reminding them that I get to cycle to work year round. I love to be outdoors and thus far in BC have experienced  kayaking, white water rafting, caving, rowing, hiking, horseback riding, and cycling.

Christopher Reed, M.Sc Program Analyst
T 250.356.1665 E creed(at)iafbc.ca
Coming from an academic background I’ve always been interested in learning new things, and this job doesn’t disappoint. The diversity of agriculture in BC is really amazing when you realize how many things are produced in this province. Before working with IAF I was unaware of how much was out there; what I’ve come to appreciate about what we do is that we are able to interact with and assist so many aspects of that diverse community. When I’m not in the office I’m usually trying to take advantage of the other great thing BC has to offer. Whether it’s surfing, cycling or snowshoeing, there is always lots to do outdoors year round.

Elaine Burgess Administrative Officer & Secretariat to the Board
T 250.356.1662 E eburgess(at)iafbc.ca
Do you like change? I do! Each work day for me is busy and ever changing. There is no time for boredom at IAF. I get to use my communication skills (yes, I like to talk!) and my organizational skills to the max. I am proud to be part of a very professional team of staff and enjoy the diversity of our Board of Directors. I am a homegrown BC resident and I like to travel. I have had amazing opportunities to see many areas of this beautiful province with IAF and to see and meet firsthand the producers and processors that provide me and my family with such wonderful food.

Jennifer Poulsen Accounting & Contracts Clerk
T 250.387.0964 E finance(at)iafbc.ca