The $8 million Buy Local Program offers funding in 2017/18 for BC’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors to enhance local marketing efforts to increase consumer demand and sales of BC agrifoods.

This program is now closed to new applications. All funding has been committed for this calendar year.

Businesses and organizations were able to apply for matching funding for projects that promote local foods that are grown, raised, harvested, or processed in BC.

The amount of cost-shared funding applied for must be considered reasonable relative to the applicant’s annual sales in the previous and current years. The maximum funding available as a percentage of reported annual revenue is 30%.

First-time applicants are eligible to receive up to 50% cost-shared funding for new and/or incremental activities to a maximum of $75,000. Applicants funded through a previous Buy Local project are eligible to receive up to 35% cost-shared funding for new and/or incremental activities to a maximum of $52,500.

Program Objectives

Projects must meet the following objectives:

  • Increase use of British Columbia’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors in the domestic marketplace
  • Build consumer preference, demand and sales for BC agrifoods sold within the province

Eligible Activities

Businesses and organizations representing BC’s agriculture, agrifood or seafood sectors are accessing up to $75,000 for eligible projects to a minimum of $5,000. Activities must be NEW activities to the applicant to be found eligible. Examples include:

  • Media advertising (e.g., radio, TV, print)
  • In-store promotions and advertising (e.g., signage, recipes, in-store demonstrations, consumer contests, flyer advertising)
  • Adding your buy local identifier to on-product labelling
  • Social media or web-based marketing campaigns (e.g., Buy Local specific landing page)
  • Consumer trade shows and events
  • Branding and public relations activities

Eligible Products

BC Food: any food, seafood or beverage product made entirely from ingredients sourced in BC or composed of more than 85% of their main ingredients from BC. All processing and packaging must be done in BC.

BC-made Food: any food, seafood or beverage product that is processed and packaged entirely in BC. When the main ingredients are available in sufficient quantities from BC producers, they must be used.

The following BC products are considered eligible:

  • Crops, livestock, poultry and seafood;
  • Floriculture and nursery; and
  • Agricultural products not fit for human consumption, such as pet food.

To be considered for funding, applicants must demonstrate that their marketing efforts will result in increased consumption of their products and generate increased revenue for the applicant.

For specific information on eligible products (primary production and processed food and beverages) please refer to the BC Government’s Buy Local Program FAQ or contact our Buy Local Program Coordinator.

Ineligible Activities

All activities must be directly linked to increasing sales. The following activities will no longer be eligible for funding:

  • Social media such as Facebook and Twitter as stand-alone activities (these are only considered eligible as part of a complete social media campaign)
  • Awareness building activities with the exception of “new” products introduced to the domestic market
  • Domestic market research
  • Marketing plans
  • Translating materials into English
  • Educational events (e.g., producer workshops)

For more information about eligibile/ineligible activities: BC Government’s Buy Local Program FAQ

Eligible Applicants

  • Associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Marketing boards
  • Aboriginal groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • For-profit organizations
  • Primary producers
  • Individual BC agrifood and seafood producers, processors and/or firms who are promoting eligible agrifood and seafood products.

All applicants must have a head office, or be registered, in BC.

It is expected that applicants will be able to provide a minimum of two years domestic (BC) sales history.


All successful applicants are required to have processes in place to evaluate the performance of each cost-shared project. Performance measures such as the dollar value of increased sales, number of new product listings and partnerships, extent of media coverage and number of marketing and promotional materials and activties created will be required.


Applications are now closed.

For more information

Please contact our Buy Local Program Coordinator

Donna Anaka

T 604.329.2290 E danaka(at)

Download the brochure: BC Government’s Buy Local Program