We offer a variety of programs to assist the agriculture and food processing industries in BC. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a local marketing or export opportunity, enhancing environmental sustainability or developing a new product or process, funding is available to help turn your idea into reality.

BC Government’s Buy Local Program

Helping BC’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors enhance local marketing efforts to increase consumer demand and sales of BC agrifoods.

BC Government's Grow Local Program

Funding for BC organizations to increase the ability of British Columbians to grow food locally.

Growing Forward 2: BC Agrifood & Seafood Export Program

Helping BC’s agriculture, food and seafood sectors increase exports sales and expand international market access.

Growing Forward 2: Canada-BC Agri-Innovation Program

Supporting projects that accelerate the pace of innovation in BC’s agriculture and agri-food industry.

Agri-Food Futures Fund

Helps both established and emerging agricultural and food processing sectors to pursue opportunities and develop solutions.

Agriculture and Agri-food Adaptation Programs

Agriculture and Agri-food Adaptation programs provide funding to the British Columbia industry to adapt and remain competitive.

Agri-Food Environment Initiative

Helping the agriculture and food industry enhance their relationship and impact on the environment.

BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative

Developing tools and resources to enhance agriculture’s ability to adapt to climate change.

Food & Beverage Processing Initiative

Encouraging the development of the food, beverage and nutraceutical processing industries.

Agricultural Area Planning Program

Supporting projects that lead to the development of agricultural area plans within municipalities and regional districts.

Looking for funding assistance for a specific commodity? Check out our Livestock Waste Tissue Initiative and Poultry Biosecurity Program

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  • Be sure to talk to us about your project idea ahead of time so we can figure out which funding program is right for you. If you are advised to apply for general funding, you can download the application here.

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